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Lost Rivals

A young girl who is practically alone in the world, discovers that everything she knows about her family and the world she comes from is all a lie. One night after attending a Green Day concert, her entire world comes crashing down around her.

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional. I own all the characters and this story line. I do not own Green Day. Do not steal my story line. Thankyou xx
  1. Lost And Alone
    Tillie Ilene finds herself alone on her birthday yet again but her friend Jessica is there to stir things up.
  2. Just Amazing
    Tillie and Jessica go to the concert and begin their plan to get backstage...
  3. Backstage And Billie Joe Armstrong
    Jessica and Tillie get backstage and speak to Billie Joe with some shocking results
  4. What On Earth??
    For some strange reason Billie Joe knows Tillie's name and she's totally freaked out...
  5. The Phone Call
    Billie calls Tillie Ilene and asks her to come meet him at Orange Globe so they can talk.
  6. How Can This Be?
    Long chapter. Tillie finds out how Billie Joe knows her and she cannot believe it
  7. The Test
    Billie and Tillie take a DNA test...Is he really her father?
  8. Truth At Last
    The results of the paternity test are in!
  9. Family Reunion
    Tillie goes to Oakland with Billie Joe and meets Adie...
  10. Return Of An Era
    Tillie goes home with the Armstrongs and receives a devastating reminder of her past
  11. First Times
    Tillie spends her first full day with her new family
  12. Last Tillie Sighting
    There's a strange girl hanging around the Armstrongs'...who could she be?
  13. Breakthrough
    Adrienne and Tillie become better aquainted with each other
  14. Arrival Of Jade
    Tillie is horrified to come into contact with someone from her past. The plot thickens...
  15. But You're My Daughter!
    Tillie continues her private hell, unable to open up to the people closest to her.
  16. “I missss you Tillie, come back to daddy…”
    She came and now she went, what more could go wrong?
  17. Lost Daughter Of The Green Day Kind
    Tillie is forced to run away from her family and spend the night alone.
  18. The Past Will Always Haunt You
    The title says it all, Tillie is forced to face the demons of her past and realises that no one is around to save her.
  19. Tillie Tinkerbelle
    Tillie remembers how she first got involved in all the trouble she's in today as she is forced to go back to her old life.
  20. Understanding
    Now that everything is out in the open about Tillie's life she is forced to begin to see things differently.
  21. Little Girl Lost
    Tillie falls back into her old Hell but will Adie and Billie be able to find her and save her?