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Lost Rivals

Little Girl Lost

"Emma?" Tillie jumped up and rushed over to the black haired beauty that walked into her room.

"Who else?" Emma grinned so wide that it made the layers upon layer of foundation on her skin crack with the movement.

Tillie hugged the girl who was her best friend in her horrendous line of work. Her and Emma had always gotten along like sisters.

"You're still here?"

"Tillie baby, it's good cash. I come and go, too. You're the one the boss won't let leave." Emma shook her head, causing her black spikes to wobble from side to side.

Tillie Ilene pulled herself away from Emma and took a deep breath "You have to get me out of here, too."

Emma just shook her head and ran a heavily manicured nail lightly over Tillie's cheek. "I would if I could, hon."

The hope and happiness Tillie had felt before now left her body and she began to feel drained again. She walked over to the giant bed and slumped down.

"I gotta go, babe. Call on me if you need me. Chastity is going to be teaming up with you soon I hear, to help you get back in the swing of things." Emma gave the young girl an apologetic smile and then left the room.

Once she heard the door click shut, Tillie began weeping once more.



"Joey, you have to tell us where Tillie went!" I demanded of my twelve year old son.

He shook his head hard from side to side. "Dad, it's like I told you last night, she didn't tell me where she was going. She just said it was a place I don't even want to dream of." Joey's eyes welled up with tears again.

I was practically pulling my hair out. Adrienne had not stopped crying since Joey had told us that Tillie was gone. We couldn't report her as a missing person as yet because she wasn't really missing. Yeah, we had asked her to live with us but she never promised to stay.

It would be wrong of us to go searching for her if she doesn't want to be part of the family.

"She really didn't tell you where she was? Like she didn't even say she was going home or something?" I turned, exasperated to Joey.

"No, dad." Joey crossed his arms over his chest.

I sighed and then decided to not further question my son and check on my wife. It always killed me a little bit inside whenever Adie was upset. It was like I could feel her pain and it cut me like a knife. That's why I always tried so hard to make her happy. Her happiness was like a shot of herion straight into my blood stream.

I walked upstairs to our bedroom to find my love of my life.

She was curled up on our bed with her head buried in a pile of pillows. I could see a box of tissues next to her body.

"Adie?" I began slowly.

"She's really gone, Billie?" Adrienne croaked, not moving an inch.

"It looks that way, I suppose she just didn't like it here with the Armstrong's." I tried hard to fight back tears of my own; it was a very emotional few weeks, so much had changed.

"But she was happy! She is an Armstrong! Oh God this is all my fault, if I had never let Peter take her!" Adrienne burst into new tears.

I went and sat on the bed next to her and began softly rubbing her back.

"Baby, we have to find her." Adrienne finally sat up and stared deep into my eyes.

I could never say no to her, but I just didn't think it was right to look for someone we barely knew who didn't want to be found.

"Adie, honey, I'll look for her with every resource I have if that's what you want. Think of Tillie though, I don't think she wants to live with us, we can't force her."

Adrienne sighed, I knew that deep down she knew I was right but this was our little girl and she wouldn't give up the fight for her.

"I need this, Billie Joe, I need to know her. Find her." Adie reached out for my hand and gave it a small squeeze.

I nodded. I needed this too. I needed to know my first child too.



Tillie stared at Chastity who had joined her shortly after Emma had left. She was running her hands through her ratty, obviously home-bleached hair and picking out split ends.

"This is great work isn't it?" Chastity said, chewing hard on some bubble gum.

"No." Tillie sulked, thinking of the unspeakable acts she would soon perform.

"No-one else I know makes as much a week as I do." Chas smirked.

Tillie was about to reply, but a bell chimed, signalling a new customer was about to arrive.
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Now I am aware that Joey Armstrong is not 12, but the last time I updated this story was in 2007 when that was his age, so even though it is '09 now, I will continue to write this story from where it left off in '07.

Glad to continue this story after so long and I hope you all enjoy it!