Needle and Thread

Thoughts and a Spook

Cloe tried to finish the story but unfortunately the boys were asleep. "Oh you boys sleep good tonight because if anything happens in the next few days your going to need it.

Peter who had been listening the whole time heard what she had said. " what are you talking about Cloe" Peter thought. "Why is it that I care I'm Peter Pan I'm the boy that never grows up I.....just what makes you so special," peter asked himself.

He would have come out of his little room to ask Cloe herself but she was asleep.

The moon managed to get in to main room and hit her face just right that Peter could have sworn that he saw an angel.

"I really want to know what goes on in your head... I want to know you... and for some strange reason I don't want you to ever go away," Peter said to the sleeping form.

Walking away from her and the rest of the boys he decided to go outside to think for a while.

Peter had stayed out so long that it became morning but he was still so deep in thought that he didn't notice the sun rise. Or see the shadow sneak up on him.

Peter had jumped at least fifty feet when Cloe had walked up behind him to scare him.

"Hahahaha Peter you should have seen your face it was so hilarious," Cloe said laughing grabbing on to her knees for support. But that really didn't work and she fell over anyways because she was laughing so hard
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sorry it's short