Battle of the Bands, Battle of the Hearts





From top to bottom:
Jaime Preciado aka Hi-Me
Mike Fuentes
Vic Fuentes
Tony Perry

Pierce the Veil

Kailyn Perry is an 18 year old high school graduate in 2006. She has no intention of going to college and just wants to play the bass with her best friends, the Fuentes. Little did she know that her 20 year old brother was playing in another San Diego band, a band in which Jaime Preciado plays bass.

But Kailyn and Jaime's one passion filled night doesn't prepare her for when both her and her brothers bands fall apart and are forced to combine. The only problem? There are two bassists who want the spot. Their one night means nothing compared to this and she is more then happy to settle on hating him.

But what if he's not happy with hating her?