License to Love

Maybe, Maybe Not

I shut the front door, and returned to the living room to clean up the mess. There were pizza boxes and glasses of half-finished coke everywhere. Making a pile of rubbish, I turned around to see Gerard standing at the door.

‘’That’s a stupid game,’’ He stated, leaning on the doorframe and crossing his arms across his chest.
‘’I’m sure you played it when you were younger,’’ I retorted, not daring to look at him.
‘’I did. But I didn’t try to make people jealous, did I?’’ He questioned, taking a step forward and sitting next to me.
‘’I don’t know. Did you? What’s it got to do with me, anyway?’’ I replied, frowning.
‘’I think you know.’’

I did know. I knew he was referring to me, and my foolish attempt to get his attention. He wasn’t that stupid. Taking my eyes off the pizza box, and looking into his eyes, I sighed. He obviously wasn’t very impressed. But hey, he almost broke a remote. He must have been jealous. Either that or he wished he got to kiss Ian instead of me. But I shook the thought out of my mind, and held my breathe to stop myself from giggling.

‘’Did it work?’’ I whispered.
He went to speak, but the doorbell rang. I picked up the pizza boxes, and scurried out into the yard to throw them in the garbage bin. If I put them in our inside bin, they’d find out.

Soon enough I was inside and I saw Mum and Dad on the lounge.
‘’Did you get that homework done?’’ Dad asked, putting the T.V on mute.
‘’No. I went for a jog, and then I did a few drawings.’’
Before I had the chance to look back at their frowns, I scurried upstairs to my room so I could think. It was something I hadn’t properly done for a while.