License to Love

Friends Again

The last Friday of the month came too quickly. Mae and I sorted out that little problem, and were now good friends again. Hence the reason I was sitting on her lounge-room floor, playing truth or dare with half the grade.
Gerard was also babysitting tonight, and I hadn’t seen him since the beginning of the month when he almost broke the TV remote. After what happened last time, he promised he’d pick me up out the front of Mae’s house.

I looked up, and saw Drake looking at me. He was one of the skaters.
‘’Truth,’’ I muttered, lowering my head again.
‘’Who do you have a crush on?’’
Fuck. What was I going to say?
I tried to picture their reaction when I explained I had a crush on some 21 year old who baby sat me. They’d vomit or laugh. Maybe both.
‘’You don’t know him,’’ I replied, frowning.
‘’Just give me a name,’’ He retorted.
‘’Um. Gerry.’’
‘’Haha! What kind of name is that!?’’ Drake exclaimed, laughing.
‘’You asked for an answer, and I gave it to you. So fuck off,’’ I stated.


I jumped into the passenger seat, still sober. I decided I didn’t want a hangover in the morning.
‘’So what did you do?’’ Asked Gerard, starting the car and beginning to drive home.
‘’We played truth or dare,’’ I replied.
‘’What embarrassing questions did you get asked?’’
What was he, a cop? What the fuck was with all these questions?
‘’Hmm.’’ He asked, so I’d tell him. ‘’I got asked who I had a crush on.’’
He raised his eyebrow, a signal for me to explain who I said.
♠ ♠ ♠
I changed Gerard's age to 21 instead of 19.
Because I can.

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