License to Love

I Want You To Feel It Too

‘’I’m not going to tell you until you answer the question I asked you a few weeks ago,’’ I said.

He looked confused, pursed his lips and making an effort to keep an eye on where he was driving.
‘’Whether it made you jealous or not.’’
‘’Look, Arianna that’s a – ‘’
‘’It was a slutty sort of thing to do, alright. But answer the question, please.’’ I explained, frowning and curling up in my seat.

Resting my head on my knees, I braced myself for his answer. He was going to say that I was naïve and desperate, and I was in some ways. I understood that now. But I still had a little hope left that he felt the same.

‘’It doesn’t matter. It can’t matter,’’ He replied, keeping his eyes on the road - not for safety. But to avoid now large, confused eyes.
‘’So it can’t matter? Why the heck can’t it matter?’’ I asked, trying to keep my voice low.
‘’You know why. It’d be illegal. I’m twenty one, and you’re at the young age of sixteen. I couldn’t ever feel that way about you,’’ He explained, glancing at me quickly.
‘’So you’re going to let the law over-rule your feelings?! Bloody hell, Gerard. That’s the most stupid thing I’ve heard,’’ I growled.

We pulled into the drive way of my house, but he didn’t get out of the car. I sat still, wondering what he was thinking about.

‘’So. You didn’t answer my question,’’ He whispered, pulling the keys out of the ignition and looking at me, his eyebrow raised.
‘’That doesn’t matter now, does it?’’ I replied. ‘’You’ve made it quite clear how you feel about me.’’