License to Love

Promise Me

‘’W-w-what the FUCK?’’ Charlie yelled as his eyes met mine.
Pushing Gerard off me, I sat up and saw Charlie standing behind the lounge with wide eyes and a pale face. I had no idea how he had found me, but I doubted he was going to stay and explain.

‘’Charlie, p-p-please let me expla-‘’ I went to explain, but he cut me off.
‘’Explain what? It’s pretty fucking clear what’s going on here!’’ He retorted.
‘’Please, Charlie. Sit down and let her explain,’’ Gerard whispered, his face blank.
‘’Don’t fucking tell me what to do!’’ Charlie roared, turning to leave.
‘’At least tell us how you found me.’’


‘’So, Mum called Renee to ask if she’d heard from you. Renee said she did, and gave your mum Gerard’s home number,’’ Charlie explained, trying hard not to lose his temper when he said Gerard’s name. ‘’And, well, you know what Mum’s like. She traced the phone call, all with the help of the Police, and sent me over here. Don’t know why, though.’’

‘’Oh…’’ I mumbled, frowning. ‘’C-c-can you keep two promises? Is that possible?’’
‘’Promise me you won’t tell anyone what you saw.’’
Charlie simply nodded, and gestured for me to go on.
‘’And… promise me you’ll tell Mum I’m okay, and that she doesn’t need to come looking for me. I’ll come home when I’m ready.’’
‘’I… I promise.’’ And with that, he left.
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