License to Love

Forceful Friend

I quickly walked out of the lounge room, and stomped up the stairs up to my bed room.

Sitting on my bed, I looked around at my surroundings.

My carpet was pale grey; one of my favourite colours. I would have been able to describe how beautiful my walls – once – were, if I were able to see them. They were covered in posters, photos and drawings. Most of the drawings were done by Gerard and I; sometimes he’d help me out with my latest sketches – drawing was one of Gerard’s passions.

I moved across the room gracefully, and traced over the drawing with my finger. I shivered, smiling with bliss. These drawings never ceased to amaze me. Just touching them made me feel incredible; feeling like where there was one of Gerard’s drawings, his presence was there, too. I couldn’t explain this feeling too well, but it was there and very much alive.

I was brought back to reality by the phone ringing. Reluctantly, I picked it up off my bed-side table, and held it to my ear.
‘’Hello?’’ I said softly, not knowing who it would be.
‘’Hey Ari, it’s just me, Indy!’’
Indy had been my best friend for about two years. I loved her to pieces. At times I was jealous of her - her long black hair and pale green eyes often making me sick with envy – but she was like a sister to me.

‘’Oh, hey,’’ I echoed, smiling a little.
‘’Well, I was wondering if you wanted to come to the movies with Drake and I. He’s going to bring a friend, so Drake and I thought it would be like… a double date.’’

Drake was her boyfriend and they’d be dating for at least a year. They were always together, which meant the only time I could see Indy – without Drake tagging along – was at school, or on the weekends when Drake was sick or out of town.

‘’A double date? It’d be more like a blind double date. And, I’ve met some of Drake’s friends – they’re all ugly tools. I don’t really think I want to come if you’re going to try and set us up…’’ I replied, my smile quickly fading into a frown.

‘’Please!’’ She begged, her voice now becoming squeaky with frustration.
I sat in silence, considering my options.
‘’Okay, I’ll be around in a minute!’’ She yelled, before I got the chance to share my answer.

Indy always did this.