License to Love

Just Like My Favourite Scene

‘’So she ended up trying to set you up with this Carl guy, even though you said you didn’t want a blind double date?’’ Gerard asked, taking a bite of his burger.

‘’Yep. He was a complete pig, too. Ate all the popcorn and talked with his mouth full,’’ I replied, staring at my French fries.

‘’How crappy.’’ Was his short response.

I nodded, and continued to stare at my French fries. They were probably going cold. If I were with my parents – despite they never set foot in McDonalds – they would have made me eat every last crumb. They don’t want to get ‘’ripped off’’ but honestly, who can eat every last bit of a McDonalds meal, without wanting to vomit?

Looking away from my food, I looked up to see Gerard. His eyes were big, and puppy-like.
‘’Yes, you can have the rest of my fries,’’ I giggled, pushing them over to him.


Gerard and I decided to ditch McDonalds, and go see a movie.
We decided on 27 Dresses. I knew it was a little girly for him, but he’d taken me to see some horror movie last time, so we were equal now.

It was up to the bit where she rushes onto the boat and confesses her undying love for that guy with the big smile. I couldn’t help but sigh with happiness. Movies like this always made me so mellow and happy.

‘’That’s a big sigh for someone your size,’’ Gerard whispered.
‘’It’s so cute,’’ I replied, being careful not to be loud.

I just wanted to reach over and kiss him. He looked to beautiful in the theatre. His hair matched the darkness in the room, and his eyes glowed. Amazing was just one of the few words I could think to describe him right now.

Pushing my mind away from the thought of him, I continued to watch the movie. I wish I had enough gut to tell him how I felt. The girl in the movie could. Why couldn’t I? I suppose I was just too scared.

You know that i'll protect you
Always through the thick and thin
Until the end
You better watch it
You know you don't cross it because
I'm always here for you
And I’ll be here for you
♠ ♠ ♠
lyrics from ''Kelsey'' by Metro Station.

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