License to Love

Just Like Heaven

His voice was soft like velvet, it soothed me no matter how anxious I was. The beauty in his voice could barley challenge his angelic face; his big smile and bright hazel eyes making me smile.

‘’I love you,’’ I mumbled, gazing lovingly at him.
‘’I know.’’
He leaned in, and his lips hit mine so softly. They felt so tender and careful, just like him.

I kissed back, never wanting the moment to end. But of course, we broke apart too soon, and he looked at me, eyes brighter than ever.
‘’You never cease to amaze me,’’ I giggled.
He pushed his index finger to my lips, and hugged me. I never wanted to leave his arms. They were all I ever wanted to know. Comfort and love was all I felt at this moment.
Then I curled up into a ball, and he lifted me up onto his lap. My head was now resting on his chest, and I could hear his heart beat. I wanted things to be like this forever.

My eyes opened, and I sat up.
‘’Where is… Ger… Oh…’’ I grumbled, lying back down.
It was just a dream. But it felt so real, like it did happen.

It took me a while to realize that it was Monday, and that I had fifteen minutes to school. I rushed over to my wardrobe, and quickly changed into a blue singlet and grey jeans. Then while making an effort to brush my hair, I put on my white converse.

‘’Bye!’’ I yelled at my family as I ran out the door. I think I heard Mum say something, but I ignored her.

‘’Hey, Ari?’’ James said softly.
‘’Um… I was wondering if you… would…’’ He kept stuttering, and I couldn’t understand him.
‘’What?’’ I snapped impatiently, crossing my arms.
‘’Would you go out with me?’’ He whispered.

Me? James? Together? That’d never work.
I looked at him, standing in front of me appearing helpless and vulnerable. He was scared, I could tell. He scratched his head, making his long red hair shake a little.

‘’I’m… thanks a lot, like it’s really flattering,’’ I replied quietly, ‘’But I don’t think it’d work out. Sorry.’’
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