License to Love

Everybody Loves A Party


It was the last Friday of the month, and that meant one of Mae’s crazy party. At the end of the month, her parents would go away for a few days, which left Mae alone in the house. So now, everybody knew where to be on the last Friday of the month. I didn’t want to go tonight; Gerard was meant to be babysitting us. But, Mae made me, so I did. But it was arranged that he’d pick me up near a bus stop a street down from Mae’s.

Despite the fact that we weren’t the most popular girls, everybody usually turned up – everybody. The nerds, the jocks, the skaters; everyone.

It was about 10pm, and everybody had had at least four drinks – alcoholic ones. I was fairly drunk, and couldn’t stop giggling.

‘’Go… And talk to him!’’ I exclaimed, giggling. Mae’s eyes widened as I pushed her into Simon, the guy she was crushing on for at least a month. I thought he liked her too; and it was easy to tell by the way they both blushed when they collided.

‘’U-u-uh, hey, S-s-simon…’’ She stuttered, taking a few steps back.
‘’Heeeeeeyyyyy Mae! G-g-greaat party!’’ He sounded really drunk.

Deciding that I’d rather vomit from alcohol than from watching these two, I stumbled into the kitchen for another bottle of vodka. Boy was I going to be nursing the mother of all hangovers tomorrow morning…

I went and stood in the lounge-room again, and started to dance a little. I didn’t know where any of the girls from my group were, so I just stood there.
But it wasn’t long before I spotted Aaron, one of the jocks, walking over to me.

‘’Hey there Arianna,’’ He said, his words slurred and barley understandable.
‘’H-h-heyyyyyy Aaron!’’ I exclaimed, smiling and grabbing hold of the lounge next to me to stay upright.
He smiled back, and laughed. ‘’Y-y-you’re siiiilly! B-buuut you look preeeetty tonight! Like a little mothhh! Oh shit, I mean…. Butterfly! Thaaats the one!’’


I stumbled down the road, looking for a sign saying ‘’Pearl Avenue’’ – the street where Gerard was picking me up.

It was cold, and with every breathe a white fog came out my mouth, looking like pale smoke. I shivered, wrapping my arms around my numb body. Trees and houses were creating silhouettes on the damp road. It was incredibly eerie, like the first scene in the movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Although, when I thought about it, it was hard to compare the two.

Everything was dark until two lights shone up the rode, the shadows becoming much more distinct. I turned my head, so I could see behind me. There was a car, a few metres behind me. The driver looked familiar, but I was too tipsy to be able to recognize the face.

I walked quicker, almost tripping every few step. It was hard to walk in a straight line, but I did the best I could do to look sober. I didn’t need the person in the car knowing I was more vulnerable and naïve than I usually was.