License to Love


I leaned over the bucket, spluttering and vomiting. I was balling my eyes out. I felt so sick. But I had no-one to blame but myself for chugging down all that alcohol.

‘’Shh,’’ Gerard whispered, holding back my hair. ‘’Don’t cry. Everything is okay.’’
I gagged one last time, and put my head up, wiping my mouth.
‘’I’ll get you a new shirt. And I’ll get you a towel or something you can wipe your face off with,’’ He said softly, leaving the room.

I lay down on his bed, gazing up at the ceiling. This is the place I wanted to be. But I wanted to be here with him. Right by his side; so close I could hear his heart beat.


‘’Yeah, they were both fine. Um, Ari is asleep in her room at the moment. She was really tired after doing all that English homework,’’ Gerard said.

I sat up slowly, listening to the conversation between my parents and Gerard. I had arrived home a few minutes ago with Gerard, after vomiting my lungs up and changing into one of his shirts. He said I could keep the shirt until I saw him next. But I never wanted to give it back.

‘’Ok. Well, we’ll see you next time then, Gerard,’’ Mum replied.
Gerard echoed her farewell, and the front door shut.

Then a line of light appeared in my room, and I saw the door open.
‘’Hey, Ari.’’ It was Charlie.
‘’H-h-hey, Charlie. I’m nottt really in the mood to talk. I’m s-s-sorta a little tipsy,’’ I explained.
‘’A little?! Ari, you can hardly sit up without swaying!’’ He replied.
I didn’t notice it before, but when I tried to concentrate, I realized I was swaying slowly from left to right.

‘’Well… I’ll let you rest,’’ He whispered. Then he left my room.
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