Destined for Diamonds

Happily ever after

She felt the sand beneath her feet and the wind wisping through her jet black hair. She threw her hands up in the air as the bandage on her wrist flitted in the breeze. For one moment Cherry felt free. She glided along the shore of the secluded beach and held up the bottom of her white dress so it wouldnt get wet from the shallow waves. She looked so beautiful against the saffire sea that it made Ash remember why he had fallen for this girl onece before. He watched her play around as if she were young again. Her hair out of place and her make up slightly smudged but she was still as radient as ever.
Ash dusted the sand off of his tux and sighed. This would be the very last time they could both feel a little freedom. He knew that when the police finds the mess they made then they will alert every police force in the country. He didn't mind though, he had been running all his life. But Cherry had a life, had a future. How could he ask her to leave all that behind?
Cherry sat down beside him and glanced into his bright green eyes. She could tell that he had something on his mind. He had something on his mind all the way from Cupid's Chapel which was an hour ago.
"What is the matter? Did you not want to marry me Ash?" Her blue eyes were filled with hurt and confusion. He glanced her way with frustration on his face.
"I would marry you a billion times over if could!" He exclaimed which made her angel face light up, "It's just im not sure I want you to come away with me. It's dangerous out there! You could get shot! And it's not too late to back down and i will understand if you choose to lead a honest life and stay away from-"
"I would take a hail full of bullets if it meant that I could stay with you for just a second longer. I wouldn't leave you for the world!" She lifted his chin up and gave him a a soft kiss. "I mean it. If i had an ounce of doubt i wouldn't be sitting here with you now. Till death do us part"
"Im sorry," He glanced at the ocean with his emerald eyes, "I'm sorry I made a mess of our wedding night."
"It's not your fault at all. If the viccar hadn't recognised you then it all would of been smooth sailing. But playing by the rules isn't your thing, is it? I never fancied the good boys anyways."
" prefer criminals!" They both laughed, both hoping that this moment would last for ever.
"So is our marriage legal then?" Cherry pondered making a heart shape in the sand.
"On paper, no. In my heart, yes." Ash anwered simply. He made an arrow shape through her sandy heart. "We didn't really have time to sign the papers with all the hullabaloo in that place. You'd think no one had seen blood before!"
"Thats the first time I've killed somebody you know, Ash."
"You looked pretty natural with that pistol you know." Ash smirked at her, "It was quite a turn-on."
They both giggled as Cherry scratched at a stain on her dress. Her wedding outfit was ruined with little sploshes of blood down it. She turned to look at his tuxedo and saw that it was in pefrect condition apart from the grains of sand on his leg. She asked him how come he didn't get stains like her.
"Because i'm a professional," he beamed, "And your a clumsy oaf!" And with that he ran off along the shore with Cherry frantically chasing him.
She took one giant leap and she knocked him over and pinned him to the floor. Both out of breath and laughing they rolled about in the sand playfully. Ash glanced across the sea and sighed. He lifted Cherry up and carried her in his arms.
"Time to go my love," he announced, "Twilight is almost upon us and the searches begin soon. We'll buy some new clothes in the morning but for now, you sleep. Your going to need your rest."
Their sillouette elegantly pitched against the tangerine sky moved slowly towards the end of the beach where the convertable stood shinning in all its glory. A wedding gift from Cherry's late mother. Shame she never stuck around to see it. R.I.P Mrs LaFlur and god help us all.