Destined for Diamonds

Family history

The sky, a purple haze. The sun just about to rise. The day was about to begin and Ash's eyelids were getting heavy. He glanced at Cherry sleeping on the passenger seat beside him. His only family now. All his other family were dead and gone. Good riddance, he thought. His Father's behaviour made Ash this way. He had influenced his violent behaviour and perhaps, if his father wasn't a drunk maybe Ash would feel an ounce of guiltyness about his escapades.
Ash grew up in a small house some way away from the town. He lived with his Dad, his sister and mum. He rarely saw his mum because she would prefer to keep out of her husbands way. But she didn't have the courage to leave him.
"If you ever left I will kill the children and post their body parts to you!" He slurred at her one time. Ash was hiding behind the sofa and "Daddy" had just come home from a night on the town. He often threatened his mother infront of him. His Farther always threatened him aswell. But he was nice as pie to his older sister, Tiffy. This made Ash mildy jealous of her.
"Ash, i need to tell you something." Tiffy sat down at the end of his bed uncomfortably one late september evening. She began tracing her fingers along the planet patterns on the bed quilt. Ash was 13 and Tiffy was 15. They both kept their secret of their home problems away from anyone they knew. The never dared to invite friends around incase they see what a baboon their father was. Ash never got to close to anyone at his school so they wouldn't knock for him or ask to come round. He felt like he had missed so much of his child hood behind. He prayed that one day he could get his revenge.
"Go ahead," He looked up from his book. Books helped him escape from his tortured reality.
"I cant take it no more!" Tiffy burst into tears and threw herself on Ash's bed.
"Don't worry tiff." Ash said soothingly. "At least he doesnt hit you and threaten you. He's nice to you. Come on, your sixteen nearly and you can move outta here. You can be free. We both can." He reached for her shoulder but she quickly shoved his hand away.
"You dont know nothing." She spat, "You dont see what he does to me. I'm his special little doll. He touches me Ash! He makes me do things I don't want to do! And he said if I do ever leave then he's going to find me. I'll never be free!" And with that she sprinted outside.
Ash's eyes filled up with rage. How could he be such a beast? Tiffy was the only person Ash was ever close to. How did he not notice what went on. Ash made his way towards the kitchen and took out the Carving knife that his farther had threatened him with so many times. He made his way towards the living room where his farther sat facing the t.v. with his back to him. Ash put the knife behind his back and stood infront of this man that had made his life misrable.
"What the fuck are you doing you little shit?!" The old man thundered.
"Getting Justice," Ash replied and thrust the knife straight into the belly of the beast. Ash stared into his fathers eyes whilst twisting the knife around. He watched as this onece powerful man became a helpless creature atempting frantically to stop the blood pouring from his stomoache. Ash kicked the old man and spat on him. The old man stared up at his son in horror and suddenly breathed one last breath before his body collapsed and lay motionless on the floor.
Ash made his way to the bedroom where his mother had spent most her days inside. He Burst through the door and saw his mother in her chair smoking. She turned around and looked quizzacly at the boy who had walked through her door. It was her son she realised. Blood all over his torso. He must of hurt him again. Long gone were the days that Ashley had come squealing into her room for help. Ashley made for his farthers desk and pulled out his can of lynx.
"You better put that back Ashley," His Mother advised, "If your dad knew you'd took it you'd be black and blue for a month and plus, he'd beat me too because i didn't stop you taking it."
She said this casually to Ash as though it was natural to be beaten by your own flesh and blood. This made his eyes fill with rage. He made his way towards her.
"Dont worry mother. He'll never find out." He said bluntly.
She looked confused and took another drag on her ciggarrette. Ash picked up her lighter which was on her dresser and put it infront of the can and sprayed. She began screaming as Ash burned her with his flame. She rolled about on the floor while her body was roasting under all the flames. Her whole body was alight and blazing.
"You never did anything," He said as he stopped spraying.
He watched as the room caught fire with her. He left the room, the house, the pain, the memories of that place behind him. His sister was standing with him as they both watched the house burn.
"We'd better go, Tiffs," Ash said grabbing her hand, "The cops are gonna come soon."
She snatched her hand back. "I'm not going anywhere with you." Ash scrunched his face up in bewilderment, "Don't you see Ash? If I go with you, we'll never be free. You'll go down for murder and arson. Run away Ash. Forget about this place. And me. Take the car and go."
Tiffy was staring at the house. She couldn't face Ash otherwise she would of gone with him. Tears streaked down her face. Ash didn't know weather it was relief or pain. He turned his back on her and walked towards the car. He knew already that there was nothing he could do to persuade his sister.
He clambered into the car and started the engine. He was only thirteen but he new the basics of how to drive. He reversed and accelerated past his sister.
"BYE!" he shouted out the window but she didn't turn his way. Ash drove on, hurt.
Ash drove for hours on end until he came to a place in the middle of nowhere. He parked the car wonkily along the side of the road next to a sing that read "Ruby Route" and turned the engine off. He sat in silence for a long while until he started screaming and screaming until his lungs had no air left inside. He jumped out the car and began kicking the tire until he became restless.
"Why?" He screamed at the air, "Why me?"
He leant on the car window and noticed some thing inthe back. A bag, one of Tiffs. He quickly opened the door and grabbed the bag. Inside was a wallet full of money, books, clothes and other essetials. He found inside the wallet that there also was a letter. It read:

Dear baby brother,
I had just witnessed you stab "That animal" in his armchair which he so dearly loved. I didn't stick around for a long time to see wether he was still alive or not but by the silence i think he is. This act did not make me scream nor make me think any bad of you but instead it made me smile. A part of me wishes that we could of been free from him a long time ago and maybe even our mother would of rid us of him. I know now that you cannot stay in this place and have grabbed our late fathers money and your clothes. I want you to escape Ash. Never stop running. Forget your past. Forget me. Burn this letter and all memories you have. It never was. But remember, never let them catch you, Ash.
Goodbye forever

Ash looked down at cherrys sweet angel face and stopped the car next to a sign that read "Ruby Route". He had learned to forget his past but he could never forget his sister.