Destined for Diamonds

Hot pursuit

Cherry yawns and smiled at the rising sun elegantly gaping through the tree branches. It was so hot that morning and she couldn't feel anything but a slight breeze flowing through her dark hair. She loved this, she wanted to stay here for ever.
She looked at Ash, he was asleep. He must of parked in this place so we would be safe, she thought as she looked around. She kissed him gently on the lips and hopped out of the black convertable.
She walked past the bushes and trees that concealed the cars safety. Noone would be able to see the car through this forest place. As she walked she had a slight spring her step. She felt free. Felt high. Felt dangerous.
She came to a road. She peered down the road, it was long and empty. Not a soul for miles, she though. She saw a sign in the distance. It read Ruby route. She'd never heard of a ruby route before but it sounded very dismal.
She let the air pour into her lungs and sighed. Ash had told her that soon they would have to hide their face from the rest of the world soon. They would get enough intrest from the cops when they found the scene they left at the chapel that they would be searching for them forever. Until they were dead, Ash had said. Well death do us part, She had said back.
Suddenly She heard something coming from the end of the road. Was it a bird, she thought. It was getting closer and was too loud for a bird. She listened closely, it was a kind of alarm sound. She squinted her eyes at the road and her heart sunk when she saw a car with flashing red and blue lights speeding towards her.
Quick as a flash she sprinted back into the forest as fast as her legs could carry her. She felt branches whipping her face but she didn't care. She had to get back to Ash. Her wedding dress got tore frequently but Cherry ran on in desperation, the siren getting louder. When she had got there she was out of breath and Ash was awake and taking a leak in the near by bush. He flicked his head around and smiled at Cherry but his expression quickly changed when he noticed that she was out of breath and hopelessly trying to say something.
"C..c...hhoo phs." She wheezed.
Ash meade his way towards her and held her face in his hands. "What is it Cherry? What happened?"
"COPS!" she burst out with all the energy she had left.
His face hardened and he picked up cherry and threw her in the car. He jumped in himself and started the ignition. "Ready?"
Cherry nodded, gathering her breath back. He reversed through the bushes and through the trees until her reached the road. As soon as he hit the road he span the car around in the right direction. Boy he could drive, Cherry thought.
The police car was speeding up behind them until it was only about 10 metres behind them. Ash put his foot down and they began their first ever police chase. The cop car was right up behind them now and began banging on their bumper.
"Cherry, Nows your time to shine sugar!" Ash shouted to her over the sirens, "Grab the shot gun from the back seat and shoot those mother fuckers!"
Cherry licked her lips and immeadiately leaned over to get the shot gun and pulled it out. She knew how to use it of course, Ash had taught her. She loaded the shot gun and stood up in the car, leaning on the window screen, resting her knee on the seat. She aimed the gun straight at the passanger seat of the cop car. She watched his face panic which made her smile. She pulled the trigger which smashed the window screen and went straight into the police man's forhead. The drivers eyes filled with rage and began violently bashing the back of the convetable. Cherry loaded the gun again but this time didn't aim at the drivers head. She aimed at the engine and waited until he was a little distance from the convertable. The moment came and she pulled the trigger.
A burst of gasoline and metal flew in the air as Cherry ducked. Ash looked at the huge explosion in his wing mirror and smiled at Cherry.
"I love you." He said breathlessly.
They both kissed as they drove off into the sun leaving behind the carnage they had just created.