Destined for Diamonds

The start of something new

"Oooo it's wonderful!" Cherry squealed in delight at the red dress she observed in her hands. "I love it!"
She traced her fingers down the seam of the dress and felt the thrills at the bottom. Her rouge lips curved into a smile, her blue eyes sparkling.
"I love you!" She exclaimed as she passionately pressed her lips against his leaving stains of red all over him.
"Makes a change from your wedding dress" he joked pointing at the wedding dress she was still wearing with rips and blood stains all over. Ash was still wearing his tuxedo, still looking good as new.
"So not changing the tux then?"
"No, I've grown accustomed to it" He smiled.
"Where did you get the money for this then mr flashy?"
Ash grinned, showing all his sparkly straight teeth, "This convertable wasn't the only wedding gift we had! And besides, you'll be inheriting quite a fortune I hear."
Cherry's blue eyes widened, becoming aware of the amount her family would of left behind.
"But," she protested. "Surely they wont give me the money. I'm a criminal now."
"Well, they have to follow your parents wishes no matter how much they don't want you to have it!" They both broke out in hysterics.
When they had both ceased laughing they began making out, caressing each other.
"Lets roll, I'm not sure if anyone recognised me in the shops." Ash breathed into Cherry's ear.
And with that they drew away from each other as Ash switched on the ignition. The engine purred as they pulled out of the alleyway and onto the main road that lay along side the beach. Cherry squinted into the sun as Ash drew out a fresh pair of shades. Cherry grabbed the bag that Ash had placed in the bag and began to rummage through. There were wigs, shades, clothes and many other disguising products in there. Goodbye Cherry LaFlur, hello miss anonymous. But maybe it's better off that way, she thought, a brand new fresh start. For Ash was not the only one with a troubled past.