Destined for Diamonds

I fought the Law

Cherry stroked her red hair admiring herself in the wing mirror.
"I think you look good as a red head" Ash said.
Cherry grinned at him whilst putting her spectacles. Ash didn't have a disguise and never had used one except his glasses and a few hats he wore but cherry had insisted she wore some. After all, she loved dress up when she was little.
They had changed their licence plate and had ditched Cherry's wedding dress in a nearby dumpster. Ash was still wearing his tuxedo, still looking brand new. It was at least 24 hours after the wedding and they knew there was no looking back now. Cherry smeared on her red lipstick and pouted as she listened to the radio. Green day's version of I fought the Law was blaring out and Ash chuckled at the irony of the song.
The wind was sailing through the long red wig Cherry was wearing. Cherry ran her hands down the ruby dress she was wearing and giggled. She was on cloud nine. She glanced at Ash, the man she had sacrificed everything for.
"Do you love me?" She asked.
He looked quizically at her. "Of course sugar, why?"
She looked at the road they were driving down, "Oh, just confirming."
He laughed and put his foot down on the accelerator. Cherry thought about her mother. How she had got her revenge on her. How she had met Ash. How misrable she had been before. She was only 16 when they met but it was only briefly. Ash had been 18.
Cherry was in the bank, about to take out some money when Ash had strolled in with a pistol in each hand.
"Everyone stay so fucking still otherwise I'll blow your brains off your head so fucking fast you wont know what hit ya!" He exclaimed.
Cherry's heart froze and not because she was scared. She was prepared to die. She thought even hell would be better than her life at present. But she seemed paralysed as the 18 year old robber was so handsome.
"Think this as musical statues!"He joked as he began pacing towards the counters. "Or maybe even simon says? Simon says get the fuck on the floor!"
Cherry felt her knees drop to the floor but she never took her eyes of this stranger.
"Damm your not very lively for a childrens party are ya? No matter. Simon says give me the paper!" He boomed.
The man at the desk did as he said and gave him the money in the rucksack Ash had thrust at him. Ash looked around the room at everyone on the floor as if mocking them. Then his emerald eyes found Cherry. They seemed to stare at each other for quite some time until he broke his gaze and looked back at the accountant. He snatched the bag off of him and began walking back towards the entrance. He winked at Cherry before saying "God dam this party is wet!"
He ran out, leaving Cherry wondering if she'd ever see him again. She stood up, seeing that everyone was either crying or breathing uncontrolably. Oh well, she thought, back to reality.
"Ahh here we are." said Ash as he pulled up to the building, "Emerald Cafe."