Destined for Diamonds

Emerald Cafe

"Ello darling how may I help you?"
The waitress leaned over the counter revealing her cleavage whilst smiling at Ash. She showed all her yellow mishapen teeth which made Cherry shudder. Her hair was poorly dyed blonde and was scraped back into a bun. She was slightly chubby and had make-up plastered on her face.The waitress's foggy grey eyes aimlessly wandered over Ash's body making Ash feel extreamly uncomfortable. Her eyes soon fell on Cherry and the waitress sucked at her teeth in distaste.
"Just two coffees please." Ash said quickly.
The waitress nodded and winked at him. She turned to the coffee machine, bending over a little to show off her verlumtious ass.
"I can't take this shit, I'll be over there!" Cherry spat and walked in the direction of a seat by the window.
The waitress sniggered and finished pouring out the coffees and placed them infront of Ash. Ash stared at her, not knowing whether to laugh in her face or tell her where to stick her coffee.
"Are you sure you wouldn't like something...extra?" She said flirtily.
Ash blinked. He could feel her breath on his face which had a pungent smell of fish. Ash shook his head frantically.
"No? Ok Sugar. Call me Gerry. Thats 4 dollars hun." She smiled.
He thrust the money at her and took the coffees and walked fast over to where Cherry was sat. He sat down and a sigh of relief escaped him. Cherry shook her head in dismay.
"People like that..." She said in partly disgust. "I'm supprised she didn't offer herself on a plate!"
"She basically did!" Ash exclaimed.
He looked around the cafe and saw that it was almost empty and no one was paying attention to them. There was two men Sat at the end of the bar, now chatting up the waitress who seemed to be lapping it up. Then there was a girl in the corner reading a novel entitled Harry Potter and the deathly hallows. She was deeply engrosed in the book and didn't even notice the Chef cursing at the top of his voice behind the counter. It would appear that he had burnt his hand on the stove. The was a faint trace of sausages in the air. The place was hardly decorated and looked like it needed a referbishment.
"This coffee tastes like fucking shit!" Cherry exclaimed just after she spat it out.
She glared at the waitress who was now nursing the chef's red crispy finger with her mouth. Cherry got up and tottered over to the bar in her fresh white high-heels. Ash smiled as he agreed with himself that buying that red dress was the right choice.
"Ahem," Cherry coughed to get the waitresses attention but grabbed the two men at the bar's instead.
"My my my! Lookie ere Trev!" The balder man said piggily.
"A sexy little red fox!" Said the man named Trev.
"Scuse me boys? You know who I am?" Said Cherry powerfully.
"Yeah dollface," said Trev, "Your my date for tonight."
The two blokes laughed and high fived each other.
"Ok ok ok," said Cherry whilst strutting towards the balder fatter one. The man snorted with glee as his eyes traveled down her body. She smiled widely at him in almost a smirk. "Do you want me?"
"Yes maam" said the bald man, almost bouncing in his seat.
"Red heads are usually on fire in bed Greg," said Trev whilst elbowing his mate in the side.
Cherry stood infront of the bald man, now know as Greg and clasped her hands on his chops. The man smiled a toothless grin as Cherry began to lean forward to plant her lips upon his. Greg puckered up and in an instant, Cherry snapped his kneck with a flick of her arms.
His mate gasped and rose to his feet with his fists clenched. He swung at her and missed. Cherry punched him in the face which made him stagger backwards. Blood dripped out of his snout which only made him more angry. Trev swung again but cherry caught his fist and twisted his arm behind his back. He squealed in pain and collapsed on the floor. Cherry grabbed Trevs knife from the counter where he had been eating a burger of some kind. She thrust it straight into his kneck and watched as he flopped on the floor in a heap of bloody mess.
Cherry heard a click behind her. She knew instantly it was a shotgun.
"Hold still mother fucker!" Screeched the waitress, "I'll blow your little brains off!"
Cherry thought about this comment. The waitress appeared to have no brains at all. Cherry had a degree, she had money. What did this waitress have? No matter, she would be dead on the floor in about a second.
Suddenly, a huge bang sounded in the air and she fell flat on the floor with a bullet in her head...the waitress that is. Ash was standing by the coffee stained table with a gun aimed in the place where the blundering waitress was. A smile formed in the corner of his mouth as he blew the smoke of the gun out.
Cherry whipped out a revolver from her garter and shot at the Chef.
"BASCALIDO!" He screamed as he stared at a bullet encrusted in his non-burnt hand.
She Laughed hysterically and then shot straight at his open mouth. He fell to his knees with his mouth still open which reminded Cherry of a goldfish she onece had.
Cherry turned around to see the nerdy girl had not even noticed anything going on. Cherry shrugged and aimed the revolver at her anyway and advanced. Cherry's shadow fell across the page of her book and the girl blinked. The girl looked up at Cherry whilst pushing her glasses into her eyes. She froze as Cherry pushed the tip of the revolver to her temple.
"But I want to know what happens?" The girl whimpered.
Cherry's mind mulled over that sentence. Not only was it a pathetic attempt as a plea but it was also the most pitiful last words she had ever heard.
"I'll tell you then," Cherry sneered, "He dies and then comes back to life to defeat Voldemort!" The girl gasped as if more horrified by what cherry was telling her than the cold metal that was being pressed against her skull." But you, my friend, might never come back like your friend, Harry. Well, Lets find out shall we?"
There was a thud as the Harry Potter book hit the floor and then music started playing. Cherry looked around in confusion to see Ash standing by the dukebox. Cherry could hear a guitar being played but it seemed very scratchy where the jukebox was old.
"May I have this dance?" Ash said holding his hand out to her.
She walked bashfully towards her as he did the same. She watched him advancing towards her in his Tuxedo. They're bodys met and began to move in unison as the rusty Jukebox blared out the vocals:

"Hand in mine into your icey blues,
and then I'd say to you we can take to the highway,
with this trunk of amunition too,
I'd end my days with you in a hail of bullets."

Ash looked into Cherry's sparkling eyes. "This shall be the wedding dance we never had" he whispered.
Cherry pulled his body closer to her as they danced. As the Jukebox screeched "I'm trying! I'm trying!" for the second time as the climax of the song, Ash twirled Cherry around him. He watched as she danced like fire which seemed to enchant him.

"But this time, we'll show them, we'll show them all how much we mean,
As snow falls, on desert sky, until the END OF EVERY..."

Ash quickly pulled her into him and they're lips swiftly met and theyre bodys became entwined As the slow soft sound of guitars reached theyre ears again.

"All we are, all we are is bullets I mean this"

They began to kiss more passionately as memories of the wedding seemed to flit through their mind. Cherry imagined they were there. Newlyweds. Her family surrounding her, approving and congratualting her. Then Ash was leading her to their honeymoon suite. Then they made love as they were supposed to that night. And now Cherry, was satisfied.

"As lead rains pass on through, our phantoms for ever and ever,
Like scarecrows that fuel this flame are burning for ever and ever.
Now how much I want to show you your the only one
like a bed of roses theres a thousand reasons in this gun
and as were falling down,
and in this pool of blood,
and as were touching hands,
I see your eyes
I meet your eyes
I mean this...forever"