Destined for Diamonds

That red dress

The golden sun appeared to rush itself across the clear tangarine sky. It's rays reflected off of a blade that was being observed closly by a girl with Aurben hair.
"What type of knife is this then?" Cherry asked while flipping the knife over to get a better look at the other side.
"Meat cleaver" Ash said as he took a quick glance while driving along the deserted road. The cliffs and desert looked like a scene out of roadrunner. Ash chuckled as he imagined himself the roadrunner and the police as the cyote chasing him. It would be a great metephor, he thought. "Theyre easy to find"
Cherry nodded as though she was intrested before placing it on one of the back seats. The chef wont miss it at all, she thought. She then leant forward and put on the radio where Queens of the stone age's song No one knows came blasting out. Cherry began dancing in her seat, moving her shoulders from side to side and waving her arms in the air. Ash smiled at her. She looked wild and untamed as the sea.
"Heaven smiles above me!" she sang along, "What a gift there below!"
Ash eased his foot on the accelertor as the song slowly came to an end. He was enchanted by her voice almost as much as he was enchanted with her.
"I should of been a singer you know," She said breathlessly, "My mother made me take singing lessons and I guess they've payed off."
Ash silently agreed.
"Ash, you can count on me for anything, you know that?"
He nodded, still looking at the road.
"All I ask in return is your love."
Ash nearly lost control of the car for a second as he skidded a little. He then slammed on the breaks and turned to Cherry, cupping her face in his hands.
"I will love you from now until eternity." He said sternly, "Nothing in this world can stop me loving you. I loved you from the moment I met you. You remember that don't you?"
Cherry meekly nodded. She thought of the bank and the way he had looked at her. How he had made her feel like life was worth living for a small fraction of a second. The she thought of how her mother had been deceitful and had lied to her about her love for her own daughter.
"You mean it don't you?"
"I mean every single god dam word!" Ash declared.
Their lips collided. Cherry felt a rush of warmth fill her whole body as she wrapped her arms around him tightly. She hoped that they would be together.
"Till death do us part" She whispered to herself with a smile.