Snapped Guitar Strings and Broken Hearts

A story about Gwin, a love struck girl. She falls in love. And then her best friends turn out to be something she doesn't expect.

Her friends form a band and they're on tour when something happens and everything changes.
  1. Dreams
    I suck at descriptions.
  2. Talking
    Brent talks to Gwin. She goes nuts.
  3. Friends and Secrets
    Gwin finds out a secret about Robby and makes some new friends.
  4. Lunch With Brent
    Gwin has lunch with her crush but finds he's boring.
  5. Malls and Kisses
    Going to the mall with her friends, she realizes that she's falling for two people at the same time.
  6. Research and More Dreams
    Gwin finds out a secret about her friends she really doesn't want to know.
  7. Hate
    Now hating Brent with a passion, Gwin skips school.
  8. Emotions
    Gwin realizes her feelings for Jake and everybody else finds out.
  9. Wait. Did you say band?
    After randomly composing a song, the friends join together as a band.
  10. An Old Friend
    Caleb gets a girlfriend. Slightly Dead gets signed and on a tour. Wow. Life is great.
  11. Warped Tour
    Self explanatory
  12. Taste of Chaos
    Vault+Rockstar+Pixie sticks+ Snickers+ Young band = WHOAH. SUGAR RUSH, DEWD.
  13. Boys
    Jake makes a big mistake, and it ruins Gwin.
  14. How Foolish Were We To Think Life Was Perfect
    That would give away the chapter. No description for you :P
  15. Will Life Ever Be Normal Again?
    Gwin attempts to make her life normal and take control.
  16. Ricky's In Love<3
    Self explanatory.
  17. Why Does He Love Me?
  18. Life Goes On
    -is no good at descriptions-
  19. Insanity and Resolutions