Snapped Guitar Strings and Broken Hearts


I gently pushed out of Robby’s grip and wiped some moisture from my cheeks. “ Jake can’t die…” I whispered in a hoarse voice. My voice cracked and I buried my face in my hands.
He patted my shoulder and said softly, “ Gwin, he won’t die. Who would kill him?”
Solemnly, I looked to him. “ Brent. Brent… is a…vampire…too.”
Robby was silent. I knew it meant something and apparently he did too. For a few long moments this morning I hated had hated Brent. Now, this hate consumed me.
It took over my body, planting roots and spreading at a wild pace. This startled me, but I had a need to take it out on something. That was Brent. Hate him. Hurt him.

“ Gwin, were you okay on the bus? You looked mad.” Robby said, picking up his pace so he could keep up with me as I trotted up the stairs.
“ No, Robby.” I said truthfully. “ I wasn’t okay. I’m not okay. I was mad. And now I’m madder.” The last few sentences were growls as I balled up my fists.
“ Um…why?” He asked cautiously, averting his gaze from my cold eyes to a wall. We walked faster, almost running as my rage took over again and I blew up in his face.
“ Brent.” I hiss. “ Brent is going to attempt to kill Jake. Or change him… or something like that. And. I’m. Not. Going. To. Let. That. Happen.”
My breath was wild, and it wasn’t calming. Robby was extremely worried and didn’t talk to me throughout algebra, leaving without a word for his biology class. I could tell he was thinking that I was going insane. But I’m not. He just doesn’t understand.
And now I was going to be in a classroom with a vampire. The vampire that was going to harm my friend.
But I wouldn’t let him. I couldn’t. I couldn’t go to English. I couldn’t stay here.
I strode out of the school doors, sprinting now. The strap of my backpack strained against my shoulder. The backpack banged against my side, making it ache. I was panting now and stopped at a Speedway, collapsing on the grass.
I pulled my legs to my chest and shakily took my crappy cell phone from my pocket.
“ Jake?” I asked quietly, my voice gruff again.
“ Mmm-Hmm? Who’s this?” I could hear the chatter of the other students at Eldon High School in the background. I heard somebody scream and a teacher yelling something about spitballs. Jake must be in Study Hall.
“ Gwin.” I answered in a small, shy-like voice.
“ Gwin what’s wrong?” He probably heard the pain in my voice. Or maybe a car.
“ Brent… I can’t be in class… with him… I can’t be with him at all… not today…”
“ Where are you?” He asked. The voices I’d been used to faded and I heard gravel crunching beneath his combat boots.
“ The Speedway by GHS.” I mumbled and heard his car start up.
“ Okay, I know where you’re talking about. Be there in 10-15 minutes.”
And then the line was disconnected.
I pressed END and then started a text message.

R. J is takin me home. Will c u l8er-G

I sighed and leaned back, shutting my phone and lying on the grass.