Becoming Stronger

Chapter 1

I hit the snooze button on my alarm clock.
Then rolled over and hit my remote.
My TV turned on. MTV.
"Please MTV Pimp my Ride!" Some dude said.
"What the hell?" I said.
My alarm went of again.
"Oh come on, that was barely 10 seconds!"
Now he comes my 3rd alarm..
My little brother.
"Shana! Shana!! SHANA!" He yells running down the hallway.
“Wake up! Wake up!” he screams, throwing my door open and jumping on me. I throw him off the bed.
"Get off you annoying little brat” I say grumpily and roll back over.
“DAAAAAADDY!" He screams on the top of his lungs.
I cover my ears.
Great, he’s calling dad.
“Thanks, moron, now get out!”
“Shana wont get up! And shes calling me names!” he cried again.
Dad bounded up the stairs and came to my door.
“Jake, go back and get ready for school,” he said, and my shithead brother walked out with a victorious smile on his face. Dad flicked on the light, causing me to squint.
“Shana, Can’t you be nice to your brother?”
“Tell him to stop running in and jumping on me every morning and I might consider it.”
He sighs and walks back into his room.
I get up and slowly walk to my closet.
Three hours of sleep.
It's a new record!
I hear a buzzing noise coming from the other side of the room.
I glance at my cell phone. It's lighting up.
I grap some jeans and my My Chemical Romance t-shirt, then walk over to my phone.
I throw the clothes on my bed and grab my phone.
Caller ID says Vanessa.
What the hell?
Did she call me for a reason?
"So..are you going to say anything, V?"
"Oh. Are you awake?"
"Nah, i'm still asleep"
"Oh. Okay, when you wake up can you call me?"
"Okay. Thanks."
I have weird friends.

I hang up the phone and toss it on my bed.
I threw on my clothes and walked into my bathroom.
I'm a mess.
I grabbed my brush, and ran it threw my long black hair.
Brushed me teeth, and then walked back into my room.
I picked up my bookbag from beside my desk, and stuffed in my homework, along with my cell phone.
I went down stairs and put it by the door.
Thats when I heard it.