Becoming Stronger

Chapter 10

"Okay, but your sure your alright?" Gabriel asked.
"Yes." I said.

Jennifer came out of the bathroom door across the hall.
She walked up to us and gave me a hug.
"Whats this for?" I asked, hugging her back.
"For giving me the guts to ask Gerard." She answered.
"I did not. You already had the guts!" I said.
"Either way, you helped"

The bell rang for the last class.
"Crap!" We all said at the same time and ran off in different directions.

When i got home, i went straight to the computer and clicked on AIM.
While i waited for it to load, i turned on the TV to listen to music. "MINDFREAK" The TV screamed.
I decided to watch Criss Angel instead!

I heard an IM recieve message, and knew AIM loaded.

beachbabe2985: hey!
simplyxsha lala: heyy.
beachbabe2985: Whats ^?

I hate it when people use that sign.

simplyxsha lala: Nothing.. you?
beachbabe2985: NMJC
simplyxsha lala: Cool
beachbabe2985: sure.
simplyxsha lala: so whats going on with you and geeee?
beachbabe2985: he asked me to be his girlfriend
simplyxsha lala: =O
simplyxsha lala: go jen! :)
beachbabe2985: =]
simplyxsha lala: so jenny has a girlfriend
beachbabe2985: yep.
simplyxsha lala: jen and gee. cute :)
beachbabe2985: yeah.
simplyxsha lala: i hear wedding bells!
beachbabe2985: shut up =]
simplyxsha lala: haha.
beachbabe2985: well i g2g, bye.
simplyxsha lala: bye ilyy.
beachbabe2985: ily 2!
simplyxsha lala: :)
beachbabe2985 has just signed off.

I got up and went to my room.
My laptop was still on my bed, so i got on myspace.
A bajillion things came up.
The first message i saw was from my mom.

"Hi Shana,
Can you pick up Jake from school?
Thank you honey.

I look at the clock, 2:20
An hour an a half to spare.
My phone viberates.
Its Gabriel.
"Hey, meet me at the Iero Hotel in 6 hours, Room 784, Gotta go, love you!" He said in all one sentance.
Uh, okay..

I lay on my bed wondering why the hell a hotel? And what did he put in his pocket? Whats the surprise?