Becoming Stronger

Chapter 11

Its 7:30 and i'm counting the seconds untill i can leave.
"Screw this" I say out loud and grab some money for the bus.

Walking to the bus stop, i call Gabriel. No answer, so i text him.
"Hey babe im leaving now c u soon"
The bus arrives shortly after.

About 5 minutes later he texts back.

At maybe.. 7:45, I was dropped off a block from the Iero Hotel. I walked quickly because i'm scared to death of this place at night. To many people died there and its been on the news to many times to count.

Gotta peeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Gotta peeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Gotta peeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

When i finally got there, i went straight to the bathroom. After i washed my hand, my phone viberated again.

Text message.

"You there yet?" from Gabe.
"What room?" I texted back

I click the up button and waited for the elevator.
A sign in front of me showed what room numbers were on what floor.
I pushed the 25 button.


I stepped out and there was a sign pointing left for room numbers 750-800.
I was rushing to find him room.
When i found it, i lightly knocked, and waited.

2 mississippi's later, he opens the door and give me a big hug.