Becoming Stronger

Chapter 14

Shana's POV

I woke up to the smell of coffe, and opened my eyes.
I saw a boy at a desk sipping coffe and typing on a laptop.
He turned around, hearing me sit up in the bed.

"Morning, sunshine."

"..Hi.." I said back.
"Oh.." I remembered.
The memories from last night flowed in my brain and i looked down.

Frank's POV

"Oh.." Shana said sadly.
She looked down and started messing with a loose string on the blanket.

"Oh, Shana.. I- I'm sorry.." I said to her, and I meant it.
"No..N-No it's not your fault.." She said, and i could tell she was trying to hole back tears.
I got up from my chair and went to hug here.
"There There.." I said, not knowing exactly what to say.

Shana's POV

I hugged him back, no longer holding back tears, i just let them pour out.
At that moment, I wasn't caring about what he thought of me, or worried that he'd ask questions, I was just happy to know he cared.

"Everything will be okay" He said, getting up from the hug.
I nodded my head, even though i didn't believe it.

He took two tissues out of a box on the nightstand beside me.
He wiped away my tears, and running mascara from last night.

"Do you need anything?" He asked me.
"Do you want to take a shower? Room Service? Anything?" He continued

I was really hungry, but i didn't want to be rude.
"No." I said.
"I'm Fine"

"Are you sure? Really, I dont mind, you can get anything you want." He said, handing me the Breakfast Menu.
I took it, looked at the front page and said "Really, I'm fine."
"I should be getting on my way anyway" I went on.
I looked at his computer.
"I wouldn't want to distract you from your work"

"Work?" He said.
"Yeah" I said, pointing to his laptop on the desk.
"Oh, no, I was just emailing my dad telling him i got this room, the manager hates me and never lets me get this room anymore"
"Oh.. But still.. I should go, I shouldn't have even spent the night, i was suppose to go home and my mom is probably worried.. and.. and--"
"Shana! Your fine. I called your mom and said I saw you at the mall yesturday and you were really tired and missed the bus. So i got you your OWN room here for the night, and she dosnt need to worry about the money."
"You called her..?" I asked, confused.
"And she let me stay here?"
"Yeah, her and my mom are pretty good firneds, didn't you know? She said she trusts me and just to make sure your alright."


"I should be going still, i need to get home. I dont want to bother you" I said, even though i wanted to stay, he's been so nice to me.
"Oh no! It's no bother at all, I could use some company, I have to be here ALL weekend. Please stay?"
"Okay.." I said and let out my smile.