Becoming Stronger

Chapter 15

We spent the next 2 hours sipping down hot coa coa and playing chutes and ladders.
I had a lot of fun.
The more time i spent with him, the more i felt comfortable with him.

We were giggleing like little school girls over the silliest things.
I was having so much fun for some reason.
Then all of a sudden,
We hear footsteps running down the hall and then banging on the door.

"SHANNAAA!" Gabe's voice screams.
"Shana! I know your there!" He kept yelling.

When I finally get my mind off of him, he just pops right back into it.

Frankie stood up and put his cup on the desk.
He walked over to the door and put the chain lock in place.
As soon as He opened the door, Gabe tried to push the door all the way open. I could tell he was ready to bardge in and come to me. But the lock stopped him. He tried to break through but it was no use.
"What the fuck do you want?" Frankie said.
Gabe looked straight at me and smiled.
I sat there, scared out of my mind.
"I asked you a question" Frankie said.
"I think you know.." Gabe said.
He looked down at our board game and chocolate stains.
"I see you guys had a nice party!" Gabe smirked.
"Better than what mine would have been if it wouldn't have been for that stupid scared little slut!" He yelled looking me dead in the eye.
"HEY!" Frankie yelled.

I got up and walked straight to him, and unlocked the door.
I wasn't scared, I was brave.
I was mad, angry, no, i was pissed.
I shoved him out of the doorway and into the middle of the hall.
He tripped.
"Dont you EVER call me a fucking slut again! Now get the fuck out of here!"
I grabbed my cell phone from his pocket.
He grabbed my ankle and pulled be down, and i landed right on my head.