Becoming Stronger

Chapter 16

"Shana!" I heard Frankie yell
I rolled over and tried to stand back up.
I used the wall to help me keep balance.
I got dizzy and everything seemed blurry.
I could only see a figure coming toward me, and i didn't know who it was so i stepped back.
It was Frankie, he came to hug me.

Once i could see clearly, Gabe came up behind him.
I turned Frankie around so he could see

Frankie's POV

I hugged Shana and it felt really good, I wanted so bad to pick her up, twirl her around, and kiss her.
I was thinking so much to do it.
But she shoved me off of her and turned me the other way.

Then Gabe came up and tired to punch me but i moved away.
I grabbed the back of his head and punched him as hard as i could.
Then i let go of him and he fell to the gorund.
He hit hard.
And stayed there.
"Go to Hell!" I said and spit on him.
I ran to pick up Shana.
I carried her in my arms back into the hotel room.
I layed her down on the the bed and went tolock the door shut but Gabe was gone.
I went back to check on Shana and she was asleep on the bed.
So i went to close the door finally. I check for Gabe on last time and I looked left and right.
I saw the elevator doors close with a figure in it.
I was guessing it was him.

Shana's POV

Frankie slamming the door woke me up from my not so great nap.
I wanted to run back after Gabe and kick him in the balls until he bleeds.
Frankie came over to me.
"You alright?" He asked softly.
I was about to say yes, because i thought i was.
But then i sat up and noticed by horrible migrane.
"Ughh Ooohh" I moaned.
"I'll take that as a no?"
I smiled and let out a tiny laugh.
"Oww, It hurts to laugh, you meany!" I said.
"Haha, I'm sorry" He smiled.
"I'll be right back" He said and left.

Frankie's POV

I grabbed the ice bucket and walked out of the door.
Walking down the hall, I was wondering why i was so stupid to think that The Beautiful Shana Shoefeild would actually like me.. Me.. Frank Iero.. I mean..
She shoved me from a hug.
Finally at the ice machine, I filled up my bucket and put in a dollar to the vending machine for two packs of skittles.
When i was walking back to our room, I saw these 2 young girls, about the age of 12, skipping down the hallway, arms linked, seeing "Were off the see the Wizard! The wonderful wizard of OZ!"

I walked into the room, seeing that Shana FINALLY made herself comfortable with the pillows and turned on the TV.
"Want me to order cable?" I asked her.
"Yeah sure. The news is kinda boring..."
I smiled and went to the phone and ordered it.
When I got off the phone, i told her to wait 5 minutes and it should be hooked up.

I put some of the ice in a bag and handed it to her, along witht the skittles.