Becoming Stronger

Chapter 17

Shana's POV

"Thank you Frankie, for everything.." I said, feeling better now that i said it.
"Oh It's no problem at all, really!" He said back.
Yeah it is. Taking care of me like that.
"Really though, you didn't have to do all this. Not everyone would let me stay the night in there hotel room then do all of these nice things for me." I said
"You didn't have to do it" I continued.

"But.. I wanted to" The second he said that i had a huge smile in my head.
Within the next two seconds, it was on my face.
No one has ever taken that much interest in me before.
He actually does care.
"Get some rest.. I'll call Doctor Maysfeld, he's the best doctor that works at this hotel" He told me.
And i cuddled with the pillows and gently closed my eyes.
I think i really like Frankie.
Those words going back and fourth in my mind.
Frankie, Frankie, Frank, Frankie!
He's such a great guy.
I cant help it, but I can tell he dosn't feel that way about me.
I mean, c'mon, I never payed any anttention to him in school.
I just knew who he was, and who his friends were, what classes i had with him...
And things like that.
I know hardly anything about him.
Other than that he obviously plays guitar..
There's a white electric guitar that says 'PANSY' by his desk.
He's extremely cute, not to mention really sweet to me.
I really want to get to know him better.

"Hey Frank?" I called once i heard him hang up the service phone.
"Yeah?" He answered back, and started walking back into the room.
"Whats your favorite ice cream?" I asked him, curious like hell.
He looked confused.
He stared and then said "Just Vanilla, sometimes with sprinkles" with a smile.
"Color?" I asked, actually interested.
"Red" He answered.
"Movie?" I kept going
"Hmmm... I dont really have one." He said back to me.
"What about... Uhmm.."
I couldnt think of anything else.
But all i know is i want to get to knonw him better.