Becoming Stronger

Chapter 18

We continued back in forth asking each other random questions until we heard a knock on the door.
"Medical" A voice said.
"It's the doctor. Hold on." Frankie said
"Frankie, i really dont need a doctor, i'm fine its just a headache.." I informed him
"Oh well" He said with a grin

He opened the door and the doctor looked around the room for a patient.
"Ah" he said when he sees me laying on the bed.
"What seems to be the problem?" He asked as he sat down beside me on the bed.
Frankie started "Well what happened was--"
"Just a mirgrane.." I interupted him, and shook my head and mouthed 'no' to Frankie.
" I wasn't" He mouthed back.
"Well then all i can do for you in just say get s good rest and take some medicine, theres not much treatment i can do. But you should eat plums, they help"
"But i'm fine.." I pleaded.
"Shana, let him do his work" Frankie said with a smirk.

"Frankie this is a waste of time.." I told him when the doctor left the room.
"How?" He asked.
I gave him a 'WTF?' look.
"Really...How?" He asked again.
"I'm not sick.. I just have a bad headache. I'll be fine" I tried to convince him.
I looked at the clock.
"It's almost 2 o' clock" I told him.
"Mhmmmm.." He said, staring out the window.
The window had a great view.
The sky was beautiful.
Only a view clouds, big and puffy.
The weren't blocking the sun, either.
It was perfect.
If only i had my camera..
My dad, my REAL dad, would be proud if i got a picture like that.
He was the one who first got me into photography when i was 7.
I never see him anymore. When my mom decided to listen to everything my stepdad says, im not allowed to even talk to him without sneaking phone calls on my birthday.
I miss him.

"Here." The doctor said, interrupting my thoughts.
He was holding out a pill.
"Whats this for?" I asked.
"Your migrane. Take it, eat plums, go to sleep you'll be fine soon." He said in one sentence, and left our room. errmm, Frankies room.

I sighed.
I got a bottled water out of the mini fridge.
I swallowed the pill and layed down.
"I should leave soon." I said, even though i didn't really want to.
But i should get home.
"Oh" He frowned
I wanted to go home, but i didn't want to leave.
"Come with me?" I asked.
A smile shot his face.