Becoming Stronger

Chapter 2

It's happening again.
They are fighting.
I hate it.
All the yelling, the threatening, the abuse.
Its just not right, at all.
It's fucked up.
And i always get dragged into it.
I quitely walked back up the stairs, hoping they wont hear me.
I made it to Jakes room when my dad yelled my name.
"SHANA!" He screamed at the top of his lungs.
"Go to your bus stop now or your going to be LATE!"
I took a quick look at Jake's clock in his room.
I have like 45 minutes untill i should leave.
"Ooh! Your going to get in trouble!" Jake said with a smirk on his face.
"Shut up, shitface" I said.
He stuck his tounge out.
"You've got to do better than that" I said.
I went back downstairs and my mom told me to leave.
"Go" She repeatedly said.
I knew what was going to happen.
She knew what was going to happen.
And she knew i knew what was going to happen.
I didn't want to leave her.
Not again. I made that mistake before.
She handed me a two granola bars and then told me to hurry.
"Mom, its 40 degrees out. And i have another half hour" I told her.
"I'm not going to freeze my ass off OR let him beat the shit out of you"
"I dont want Jake to know whats going on" She told me.
"Put on a thick jacket, walk him to school, then to your bus stop. It should pass some time by."
"What about the whole you and dad thing? Dont let him do this to you again!" I said almost yelling.
"Shh!" She said. "I'll be fine!"
"KIM" My dad yelled.
"Go." My mom said.
I ran up stairs to get Jake.
"C'mon Jake. Time for school."
He grabbed his bag.
"Do you have your lunch money?"
"No..Mom didnt give me any."
I handed him 5 bucks and went back downstairs with him following behind me.
"I want my change"
I grabbed my bad and we walked out the front door.