Becoming Stronger

Chapter 3

We started walking down the street.
Jake didn't say anything at all.
This is new. He's such a chatter box.
He usualy always has something to say.
"Whats wrong?" I finally asked him.
He didn't say anything.
I stopped and bent down in front of him.
"Jay, whats wrong'?
He still didn't say anything.
"You know i can get it out of you. So just tell me now"
He looked me in the eye.
Then looked away.
"Are mom and dad getting divorced?" He asked.
God i hope so.
"What made you think that?"
He looked at me like i was stupid.
"Yeah your right, stupid question"
"Are the though?"
"I'll be honest with you, and tell you that i wouldn't be surprised if they did"
He looked a little sad.
"Jay, they are fighting again. It would be best"
"Oh, yeah. You wernt suppose to know that."
"Last year they did the same thing, and almost got divorced. Now its happening again. And i think its best if they do get divorced because all the abuseme--"
"Yes, Jay. Threatening, Abuseing, Yelling, and.."
"And..what?" He asked with a worried look.
"And i get in the middle of it too"
He looked scared.
"Will i too?" He asked.
"I certainly hope not. Just dont go near dad when he's mad"
He just stood there.
I stood up and started walking again.
We arrived at his school, and i checked what time it was.
I handed him one of the granola bar's my mom gave me then gave him a hug.
I ran as fast as i could to get to my bus stop.
Right on time.
This day has not gone very well.
And expesically because no one even said Happy Birthday to me.