Becoming Stronger

Chapter 4

I ran up to the bus and hopped up the stairs.
My hood was covering just enough of my face, so no one could see that i was crying.
If anyone saw me crying, all hell will break loose.
Eveyone will ask what happend. And they will think the worst.
Im known as someone who wouldn't cry about anything.
But what they dont know is whats going on in my house.
With my parents.
With me.
I sat down in my usual seat.
Sixth seat back from the drivers seat, and on the right.
I've sat in the seat everyday since the begining of the school year.
A couple minutes later, Vanessa came on the bus.
She took her usual seat as well, right next to mine.
"Damnit" She said as she threw her bookbag on to the bus seat.
"I forgot my homework" She continued.
She sat down and asked me if she could copy mine.
We always do that. We copy eah others when we dont do it or forget it.
Since 1st grade, we agreed that we'd always let let each other copy.
But I didn't say anything.
"Shana?" She asked.
"Yeah?" I answered, hoping she couldn't tell my voice was cracky.
"Whats wrong?"
"Nothings wrong"
"Then why is your voice like that?"
"Oh, i'm just really tired"
"Your crying. Now spill"
"I'm not crying" I said and sat up.
My hood fell down, and now she could see me eyes.
The were red.
And puffy.
"What the hell happened?"
"I stayed to late last night. And my eyes are itchy, so ive been rubbing them"
There was silence.
"Shana. Just tell me"
How does she do that?
"I'm fine. Really"
I hate lying to her. Shes my bestfriend.
I want to tell her. But i cant.

A couple minutes later, i feel something tickling me on my leg.
It's my cell phone.