Becoming Stronger

Chapter 5

I reached into my bag and grabbed my phone.
One new text message.
It read, "Just tell me" from Vanessa.
I wanted to. I really wanted to. I dont want to keep it in.
I coudn't keep it from Jake, he deserves to know.
But Vanessa is just my bestfriend. And my dad hates her.
If he found out that i told her.
I would be dead.

I closed my phone and put it back in my book bag.
Vanessa rolled her eyes and started talking to Gabriel.
"She wont answer me." I heard her say.

I turned back towards the window.
Still no Happy Birthday.

I took out my iPod and put on Welcome to the Black parade.
I closed my eyes and started crying a little more.
Hoping to God this is just happening once.
And that my dad will stop.
But i doubt it.
And i really hope i wont get into it again.
I ran away when i was 10 because of it.
And left my mom alone with him.
Other than my brother, who was only 4 at the time.
And since i wasnt there, and Jake didn't really know what was going on because he was upstairs asleep, it was worse.
My dad banged her skull into the metal chairs.
He beat her down until she was lying on the ground in the middle of the room, crying her eyes out.
And he attemped murder.
He almost shot her.
But Jake was walking down the stairs and he fell.
The sound distracted my dad and he looked away.
That gave my mom time to get away.

I came back home a day later knowing i couldn't live on the streets.
And ever since then, i hate leaving my mom alone.
She had to take therapy, and i over heard what they were talking about.
The therapist never told the police.
And its good she didn't.
Because my dad would have killed her.

I kept thinking about that the whole bus ride.
I couldn't get it out of my head.
And i didn't fel like talking.
So i guess all can do is just sleep.
I closed my eyes as Welcome to the Black Parade ended.
It got quite.
Then all of a sudden, No.5 by Hollywood Undead blasted in my ears.
It scared me, but i got use to the volume, and fell asleep.