Becoming Stronger

Chapter 6

I woke up about 5 minutes later.
"Fag, she's my fucking girlfriend!" Gabriel yells as he throws his fist at Adam.
Adams falls to the seat.
Bloody nose.
I look up at the busdriver.
He doesn't notice the fight.
They keep exchanging punches.
I go back to them.

"Gabe! What the hell?" I say.
"He's talking about about squezzing your boobs!" Gabe says.
I turn to Adam.
Blood is dripping down over his lips from his nose.
I slaped that bitch so hard across the face, it left an imprint.

Gabe attempts to punch Adam again, but i pushed him back.
"Gabe. He's not even worth it." I say to him.
"Yeah. Walk away.." Adam says.
"Baby.." He says under his breath.
"Excuse me?" I say.
He looks at me.
"You the one crying and bleeding your nose out." I say
"Ah, you have your girl do the talking for you, huh, Gabriel.."
"Well atleast i have a girl" Gabe snaps back.
"Guys!" Vanessa yells.
"Chill out. And you, Go to hell!" She says and looks at Adam.

I smile.
"I like it when she tries to be mean.
Shes not an angry person.

"Go Vanessa!" I say.
She just smiles and puts her iPod headphones back in her ears.

Then Isat down and stared out the window.
"You okay?" Gabe asked me.
"Mmmhmmm..." She mumbled.
He wrapped me in a hug and held me tightly.
"I love you and have loved you for a long time, Shana Shoefiled" He whispered into my ear.
"You have no idea how long I've waited for that." I smiled.