Becoming Stronger

Chapter 8

"OH MY GOD" Jen screamed.
"Did you see that smile?" She continued.
"It was...OH MY GOD"
"Jen, shut up!" Allyson said.
Allyson is the proably the meanest person you'll ever meet, and she has a huge crush on Gerard.
"Nobody cares." She said again.
"You just jealous" I said.
"Am not, i could have easily asked him, but i just dont want to go to the dance with him"
"Nah, your just a chicken" Jen said.
Jennifer gave me look that i could tell was saying 'Too much'
I smiled at got my books out of my locker.
"Later"' Jen said and she walked over to hers.

Allyson walked off with an angry face and almost tripped on the door.
How do you trip on a door? I have no idea.

Gerard was already in his seat.
He was already working on the morning work.
"X equals 35.8" He whispered to Frankie, his bestfriend.
"Damn, i was way off" He said back.
Gerard just laughed and looked behind me.
I looking behind my shoulder to see what he was looking at.

Jen passes me and took a seat next to Mikey.
I gaver her a WTF look and motioned her to sit next to Gerard.
She smiled and moved her books to the seat in front of her.
They slammed on the desk and some fell on the floor.
Gerard jumped up.
When he realized it was Jen, he slowly sat back down smileing.
I mouthed "Pick her books up!" to him.
And he did.
Jen blushed.
And when Gerard noticed, he blushed too.
They're such a cute couple.
Even if it's just a dance, i'm sure they'll be together afterwards.