Becoming Stronger

Chapter 9

Later on that day, Gabriel ran up to me and kissed the back of my neck.
I looked behind me not knowing who is was, and was about to slap him.
"Wooww!" He said and jumped back.
"Oops, sorry, i didn't know if was you!"
"Who else would it be?"
"...I thought it was Adam, he's done it before."
"He WHAT?" he said in a discusted voice.
"I'll do something about later later.."
I laughed a little.
He picked my him and twirled me around.
"I have a surprise for you" He whispered.
I smiled, and i think i squeled(sp?).
He always has the best surprises.

I started wondering of what it could be.
The first thing i thought of was jewelry.
And i hope to God thats not what he got me.
But he knows i hate jewelry.
So that cant be it.
Something romantic?
Of course its something romantic.
He's always romantic.
This got me excited.
I had a HUGE grin on my face.

"What?" Gabriel asked.
"Nothing" I said still smileing.
"Can you tell me about this morning yet?"
I forgot.
I wanted to forget.
I knew i would of remembered later on anyway.
I can't tell him.
"Oh, its nothing"
"Then can you tell me?"
"It's nothing very exciting, you wont care"
"Shana, you know how much i care about you right?"
"Of course."
"I need to know... If your in any kind of trouble I--"
"It's nothing like that"

Oh my god.
I have to tell him.
I'm lying to much.
I can't lie to him, he's my boyfriend.
He needs to know.
But then I'd have to tell Vanessa.
And Jen.
And i'm not ready for anyone else to know.
But i cant.