Real or Fake

A chance meeting happens when a woman, Jenna, is injured at a show and sits near a guy, who just happens to be Frank Iero. Something will happen that will affect both of them in the future and change them forever.
  1. Chapter 1
    The beginning of an interesting relationship.
  2. Chapter 2
    Something unexpected happens to Jenna.
  3. Chapter 3
    The first date.
  4. Chapter 4
    A new experience and new people.
  5. Chapter 5
    Something bad happens to Jenna, leading to a fight between her and Frankie.
  6. Chapter 6
    Frank and Jenna make-up.
  7. Chapter 7
    Things get better again between Frankie and Jenna.
  8. Chapter 8
    A day of fun, love and pain.
  9. Chapter 9
    A hot performance and a lovely dinner date.
  10. Chapter 10
    Shopping, a concert and a surprise.
  11. Chapter 11
    The tour comes to an amazing and sad end, and Frankie and Jenna go visit a few familiar faces.
  12. Chapter 12
    More familiar faces, and emotions run wild.
  13. Chapter 13
    It's time to relax.
  14. Chapter 14
    Pre-wedding stress and marital bliss.
  15. Chapter 15
    The reception and the beginning of the honeymoon.
  16. Chapter 16
    An enjoyable honeymoon comes to be.
  17. Chapter 17
    A life-changing discovery.
  18. Chapter 18
    Pregnancy is a blessing and a major pain.
  19. Chapter 19
    It's time.
  20. Chapter 20
    The first few days back.
  21. Chapter 21
    Frankie and Jenna are stressed and frustrated, which leads to a scary accident of some kind.
  22. Chapter 22
    Alicia and Jenna take a frightening trip to the hospital to see their husbands.
  23. Chapter 23
    Time passes and Frankie has to go back on tour.
  24. Chapter 24
    Frank and Jenna have many conversations, kind of a filler.
  25. Chapter 25
    Drama nearly destroys Frank.
  26. Chapter 26
    Jenna and Frank read the tabloids.
  27. Chapter 27
    Jenna decides to give Frankie a phone call.
  28. Chapter 28
    Jenna and Alicia go on tour with the guys.
  29. Chapter 29
    Alone time for our two favorite married couples.
  30. Chapter 30
    The beach and fun time on the bus, the next day.
  31. Chapter 31
    Jenna turns up missing. WARNING:RAPE
  32. Chapter 32
    Jenna tells two officers about the rape.
  33. Chapter 33
    The trial.
  34. Chapter 34
    Revenge is a bitch, for her, at least.
  35. Chapter 35
    Time has passed, and dreams appear.
  36. Chapter 36
    Getting the band together and another baby.
  37. Chapter 37
    Jenna has good news for her own family.
  38. Chapter 38
    Frank and Jenna find out the sex of the baby and try to find a name.
  39. Chapter 39
    The frustrating last two months.
  40. Chapter 40
    The first days back with Raven.
  41. Chapter 41
    Losing baby weight, visiting a friend and the unimaginable.
  42. Chapter 42
    A mother's worse nightmare.
  43. Chapter 43
    The search for Sebastien begins and ends.
  44. Chapter 44
    Sebastien is finally home.
  45. Chapter 45
    Dreams come true.
  46. Chapter 46
    Jenna tells her friends the good news.
  47. Chapter 47
    The tour begins. The End.