Dark Angel

This story takes place back in 1989 when Green Day, or better known as Sweet Children in those years, were starting out. The band is a little different in my story. For one thing they have a female guitarist, Imogene Clark. She is sixteen and is the youngest member of the band. Her life is pretty rough and Sweet Children is her only escape. But when the band breaks up because the loss of a drummer, her life spirals downward. This story is centered around her hellish life and the life of her band mates.

Rated R for drugs, language, and sexual content.
  1. Walking Down the Cracked Streets
    This part is in Imogene's point of view. She has been thrown out of the house. This time for good.
  2. On My Own, Here We Go
    In this part it switches point of views. First starting out in Billie Joe's then in Imogene's. The band go and retrieve Imogene's stuff from her front yard. The 'crack ***', or Imogene's mother, had thrown everything out of the second story window.
  3. Falling Head Over Heels
    In this part point of veiws switch around again. Starts out in Imogene's ends in Tre's. Tre shares the same feelings for Imogene. He lets impulses take control and kisses her.
  4. The Broken Band
    Sweet Children hits a rough spot after their first album is released. Practices aren't going as planned and the recent drummer rarely shows up.
  5. Torn In Two Places
    Imogene realizes she is torn in between her boyfriend, Tre, and the boy she considered her brother. So far she is being faithful to her boyfriend, but will that last?
  6. School Daze
    Imogene and Mike head off to school. They get caught around lunch time sbeaking out of class. Imogene has had enough of the teachers and finally drops out.
  7. Thinking of Her
    Imogene goes back to Billie's home after dropping out. She and him start talking about the band when things happen.