Sequel: Is It Still So Wrong?

I Love You, Is That So Wrong? Unfortunately, Yes

Mikey keeps trying to shun his feelings for his brother away, thinking that it'll ruin his life if he lets those feelings just take over. But then after having discovered that Gerard has the same feelings for him they are now both focused on one thing: keeping their relationship intact and a secret to everyone else.
  1. It's Only A Dream
    Beep, beep, beep, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep… click.
  2. Cousinly Bickering
    It feels… warm… everything about him is warm…
  3. Attempted Kiss
    I should learn that my brother would only like me as a brother… and nothing else
  4. The Problem With Liking Yaoi
    Yaoi? I heard that before… but I can’t seem to remember.
  5. Paintballs, A Rock, and Confessions
    I start to feel him get closer to me, making me just turn to him and look into his eyes again.
  6. Together
    I knew I would regret having to have pulled away from him.
  7. Love in the Riverbank
    I felt tired after the plane ride and just wanted to go to the hotel and rest already.
  8. Elevator Jam
    Everything went fine until the elevator started to shake.
  9. Strange Happenings in the Elevator
    I am never going into another elevator for the next few months…
  10. Danny Strikes
    But I guess I was wrong.
  11. Busted
    I was just going back to Gerard and my room when someone called out to me.
  12. Gerard and Mikey's First
    Of course you wouldn’t expect Gerard to know what seme or uke was.
  13. Sneaking Up On People
    I get out of the shower to find that Gerard wasn’t there anymore, I roll my eyes for him being so impatient as to not wait for me.
  14. Losing To Cancer
    I thought about telling her or not first, still a little unsure even though I could guarantee Anna’s trust.
  15. A Problem With The Panic! Bus
    I pick up the rest of my bags and my bass, Gerard has some of my bags.
  16. Talks About Exes
    Gerard gives me an approving smile.
  17. Microsoft Romance
    Gerard and I returned to our room after saying goodbye to everyone, I lay down on my bed as Gerard goes of to his bed.
  18. A Huge Misunderstanding
    I can’t say that it’s going to be easy trying to convince her that we were just joking around and talking.
  19. Can We Shower Together?
    After that he climbs on my bed, one arm wraps around my waist and the other takes my glasses off as I feel him breathing down my neck.
  20. A Movie Solves All
    We all sigh a bit at Frankie’s stubbornness as we head off to eat breakfast at some restaurant.
  21. Bob's Idea
    “All I know is that he just broke-up with his girlfriend, I was going to ask more questions but then he cracked his joke about me liking him, I told you!”
  22. You're NOT Single
    I was the one behind the wheel with Bob at the passenger’s seat since he researched a bit about the clubs here in Italy.
  23. I'm Avoiding You
    Suddenly I feel arms wrap around me from behind, I knew all too well that it was Gerard.
  24. You Cheated On Me
    I should be the one to defend them.
  25. What's Fall Out Boy doing here?
    Man did they get a wrong impression…
  26. I'm Sorry Mikey
    The guys seemed to be shocked hearing that and they turned to me.
  27. "I'm Sorrys" And Chocolate
    I could swear I saw Brendon twitch.
  28. It's Swiss, not Swedish.
    She followed after, and then everyone else went to their rooms.
  29. Too Hyper?
    Gerard looked at me for a while before he got up like the rest of the guys to do so.
  30. Not A Funny Joke
    He’s the only person I could cuddle up to this close…
  31. Coz I Like You
    We stare at each other like that for a moment before we locked lips, both of us tasting like chocolate.
  32. Forgetfulness
    Our not-so-little show of affection back in the bus was a real big hit on Nadine.
  33. Couples
    When I wake up the next morning I see that all the other beds are empty.
  34. An Excuse To Be Corny
    Valentine’s Day is supposed to be corny and mushy, right?
  35. Someone's Following You
    I sit up and try not to stare into his eyes.
  36. I'm Worried About You
    I felt his tears stain my shirt, my hand move up to his hair where I caress if comfortingly and give him small kisses on the head.
  37. I Love You, And I Always Will
    More months had passed since that show.