Sequel: Is It Still So Wrong?

I Love You, Is That So Wrong? Unfortunately, Yes

I Love You, And I Always Will

Gerard was doing vocal exercises with Brendon. One of the crew members placed a set of newly bought beer on the table next to me; I looked at it for a while. I wasn’t aware that my hand was reaching out to one of them until someone slapped my hand away; I looked up to see it was Ray.

“We don’t do that anymore Mikey.” he said, I sighed.

“I know we don’t… it’s just that…” I said, letting my gaze wander to Gerard again, Ray seemed to get the message.

“Don’t worry, Gee will be fine, he always seems to pull it off one way or another.” he said.

“I hope he can do it this time…” I muttered, but Ray heard it anyway.

“Look Mikey, this is your brother we’re talking about, he performed with a broken rib and even when his ligaments were all torn off that didn’t stop him from being a great frontman.”

“Everyone seems to be mentioning that these days…”

“Coz that’s your brother, and lover, but we won’t mention that in public.”

“What if he cries in the middle of Cancer?”

“Cancer is a sad song Mikey.”

“Damn I hate myself…”

“Everything’s going to go fine Mikey, don’t sweat it.”

“Ray, Mikey, we’re on.” Bob said, calling out to us.

“Let’s go Mikey.” I get up from my seat with my bass and caught up with Gerard before we really exited backstage.

“Gee?” I said, making him turn to me.

“Yeah?” he said, I clear my throat a bit.

“Don’t hurt yourself.”

“Isn’t that Frankie’s job?” I smile at his joke and he smiles back.

“You know, the performance won’t start if the vocalist and bassist are too busy being lovey-dovey backstage.” Anna said, Gerard laughs a bit.

“She’s right, come on Mikey.”

More months had passed since that show, which turned out to be a real blast; Gerard really did pull it off despite his condition. The tour soon came to an end and we were all on the plane going back to New Jersey.

“Aren’t you guys supposed to go to Las Vegas?” Abi asked Brendon.

“We’ll get there later, at this moment I just want to spend some time with my girl before I go to Las Vegas which is very far from New Jersey.” he said.

“I live in Chicago.”

“It’s still far.”

“Where are you staying Nadine?” Bob asked.

“I’m staying with my lovable ass of a cousin in Belleville; you’re going to Chicago aren’t you?” Nadine said.


“Aw… that sucks…”

“Hey! I have an idea!” Frankie said, jumping from his seat, being hyper again.

“Shut up Frankie.” Ray said sleepily, throwing a pillow at him, only to miss and hit Mikee instead.

“Ray-ray! Eh!” Mikee said, throwing the pillow back at the dude, only to miss and hit Ryan instead.

“What did I do?!” Ryan said.

“Oops… missed…” Mikee said.

“Your aim sucks Mikee.” Anna said.

“No one’s listening to me anymore!” Frankie said.

“Come on guys; just listen to the poor kid.” Gerard said.

“Hey, I say ‘poor kid’.” Nadine said.


“Bob! He stole my line!”

“Everybody has short attention spans these days… ooh what an interesting cloud formation.” Jon said.

“That was fucking random Jon.” Spencer said.

“You cursed.”

“That was swearing.”

“Do I look like I care?”


“Would everyone just listen to Frankie so we can get this over with?!” I said in a loud voice, silence.

“Thanks Mikey.” Frankie said.

“No problem, so what is it Frankie?”

“Let’s all hang out at the Way house before Bob and Abi go to Chicago and the Panic! dudes go to Vegas!”

“Ooh, not a bad idea Frankie.” Gerard said.

“So we’re going to the Way house?” Abi said.

“It’s okay with me… is it okay with you Mikey?” Gerard asks.

“Nothing else better to do anyway…” I said.

“Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Are we going to burn everything in sight?” Mikee asked.

“No Mimi.” Nadine said.

“She’s hyper again.” Anna pointed out.

“Yeah, I noticed.”

We got to our house, man it feels like it’s been ages. Everyone flooded in the living room and Frankie placed in the Wild Hogs DVD.

“I still remember the first time we met you girls.” Bob said.

“Yeah, and the time we fought with each other.” Ray said.

“And Mimi and Ray-ray’s fight.” Nadine said.

“And the paintball wars.” Abi said.

“Me hitting Ray-ray’s hair with pink paint.” Anna said.

“That time we didn’t want you guys didn’t want us to come to tour with us.” Mikee said.

“Yeah but look at everyone right now, all paired up.” Frankie said, sitting beside Mikee and placing his arm around her, as so did the other pairs when he mention the ‘paired up’ part. “Abi and Brendon, you and me, Anna and Ryan, and last but not the least, Nadine and Bob.”

“Who knew this tour was going to be one with the most drama.” Ryan said.

“Coz there were girls this time.” Brendon said.

“Coz girls like soap operas.” Spencer said.

“And soap operas are dramatic.” Jon said.

“Yeah, a lot of things happened in the tour.” Gerard said.

“There were good times and bad times, but we went through all of them together and we all became great friends, some of you guys being more than just friends.” I said, referring to the couples.

“Let’s watch Wild Hogs now.” Frankie said, ruining the moment, but that’s just him as he pressed the play button. I glance at Gerard who was sitting next to me on the floor since we all can’t fit on the couch, he caught me looking at him and we share a short, unnoticeable smile before he turns back to the TV screen to watch. Bob and Nadine were seating behind me on the couch with Anna and Ryan, so I could kinda hear them whisper things to each other.

“Nadine… there’s something I haven’t told you yet…” Bob whispered.

“What is it Bob?” Nadine asked.

“I love you.” Bob said sweetly, I can tell Nadine smiled.

“I love you too.” she said. After the movie everyone was just talking about random things, like what’ll happen in the future when everyone gets married and has kids.

“You know, if a guy is looking for an engagement ring he makes sure it fits on his pinky finger.” Nadine said.

“Why?” Abi asked.

“If it fits on the guy’s pinky finger then it’ll fit on the girl’s ring finger.” Nadine said.

“Isn’t that just some stupid superstition?” Anna said.

“It worked on my mom and dad.” Mikee said, while the girls were kinda arguing over it being superstition or not the guys were secretly stealing glances of their girlfriends’ ring fingers and their own pink fingers.

“They look like the same size…” Brendon muttered.

“This is a real handy superstition.” Ryan muttered.

“I hope my fingers aren’t too fat…” Bob muttered.

“But her fingers are so tiny!” Frankie muttered. I stifled a laugh at this, man; these guys are really funny even if they don’t mean to be. Time passed by fast and everyone needed to go home now since it was getting late and stuff. Gerard already went up to his room while I say goodbye to the last people who leave, who are Frankie and Nadine, since they live nearest.

“Bye Mikey, we should really do this more often.” Frankie said.

“Yeah, everyone had fun.” Nadine said.

“Too bad Las Vegas is like on the other side of America.” I said.

“Yeah… oh well, bye.” the two Ieros chorused as they got into Frankie’s car and left. After that, I go up to Gerard’s room.

Gerard’s POV:

I’m just on my bed in my room, listening to my iPod as Mikey says goodbye to Frankie and Nadine on the door. The music was starting to make me feel a little sleepy, until some extra weight on my bed and my earphones were gently pulled off. My lips were met by soft, gentle lips, those lips belonging to none other than my little brother/lover, Mikey. He breaks from the kiss as I open my eyes to see him on top of me. With a loving look in his eyes, I smiled and placed my arms around him.

“Well… it’s about time you have your turn…” I whispered.

“Is it okay with you?” he asks.

“Of course it is.” he smiles too at my answer, he places his lips back on mine, tongues involved themselves this time as he motions to remove the black shirt I was wearing. I raise my hands so he could finally take it off; when he does he throws it on the floor and starts trailing kisses down my neck. The slight feel of his breath on my neck while he’s doing so was enough to make me moan.

“I love you Gee…”

“I love you too Mikey… and I always will…”