Billie the Vampire

A rewrite of my first fanfic.

One night, backstage, Billie gets bit by a vampire. He wakes up and finds out that he's a vampire, but wonders how he can he tell everyone and make them believe. He needs to figure out how he can stop himself from killing too many people. He will have to try to stay alive with a vampire slayer on his trail. On top of all that, he tries to find out as much as he can about vampires so at least he won't be ignorant with the help of the person who bit him.
  1. Backstage
    Billie is backstage when a fan bites his neck and he passes out.
  2. Vampires Don't Exist...Or Do They?
    Billie wakes up and ponders over last night. Suddenly he attacks a nurse and Mike and Tre come to visit him.
  3. Making Promises to Himself
    Billie isn't suspected and is left alone to contemplate what to do and to get some rest.
  4. Everyone's Got Their Own Little Secret
    Tre does something suspicious at Wal-Mart, Mike thinks he's seeing things, and Billie tries to deal with everything.
  5. Attack
    Billie gets a call from Adrienne and attacks Mike.
  6. At the Library
    Billie goes to the library and attacks Tre after he gets home.
  7. The Book
    Billie Joe gives the book another shot.
  8. Caught
    Tre wakes up and screams are heard.
  9. Let's Go Out Tonight
    Billie suggests to go out to eat tonight.
  10. "I Vant to Suck Your Blood."
    Things get a little out of hand at dinner...
  11. Wrong Person, Wrong Place, Wrong Time
    Billie ends up in a bad situation.
  12. Vampire Weaknesses and Illnesses
  13. Alternatives
    Billie Joe apologizes to Mike and Tré and they work on alternatives to biting people.
  14. Chance Meetings
    Billie Joe meets someone new and sees a familiar face.
  15. Bad Things Happen in Threes
  16. The Third Bad Thing
    Nathaniel tells of the third bad thing to happen him.
  17. Oops
  18. Drake