Billie the Vampire


Billie Joe was walking around the night after he had told Joey about his being a vampire for some fresh air. The dark, coolness of the night was very calming and refreshing. Without any warning, he was hit on the back of the head very hard by something and he collapsed, knocked out.

* * *

He woke up with a pounding headache on cool, smooth ground, his back up against a wall. When he opened his eyes he saw that he was in a dark and unfamiliar place, an abandoned warehouse it seemed. The windows were blackened so no light got in and the dark atmosphere threatened to suffocate him. Then he noticed he was surrounded by people, vampires if their deathly pale skin and menacing presence were anything to go by.

“Get up,” one of them said, looking impatient.

Not wanting to start any trouble, Billie Joe did as he was told. Without a word, two vampires walked away in front of him, and he figured he was supposed to follow them. Another vampire walked behind him, making him feel trapped. He kept catching glimpses between the two leading vampires of someone sitting on a throne-like chair at the far end of the room. He felt instinctually afraid of that person.

They stopped not far from that person, and Billie Joe wished he could shrink to a microscopic size when his escorts left him. He was all alone before this imperious person that made him feel scared for no other reason than that this person was near him.

The vampire spoke, “Billie Joe Armstrong, I am Drake, the leader of the group of vampires in this area. I would like to invite you to become a part of our group. It would be to regulate territory and keep hunting under control. And, of course, you would have to obey me.”

Despite his fear, Billie spoke up, “I decline. I don’t want to hunt like you and I don’t want to follow your orders. I won’t be a part of your group.”

Cold eyes scanned him as though trying to see inside of him. There seemed to be disgust in them. Drake shifted so that his head now rested on his right hand, a bored look on his face. “You’re probably just another one of those cowards who is too scared to even face yourself in the mirror. You shirk away from the very thought of embracing your true nature.” He glared at Billie Joe. “I hate curs such as you. All that power gone to waste, not being used for its simple and satisfying purpose: drinking a human’s blood, blood which tastes so good, so rich. It is the very reason for our existence. Why would you not drink it?”

Billie Joe fought against his emotions and felt anger well up to overshadow his terror. “I don’t want to kill people-“

“You may say that now,” Drake interrupted, “but you won’t be able to control this hunger. In a few weeks without feeding, you’ll snap. You will massacre whoever is near you. I don’t want that to be happening in my area. If you don’t join us, you’ll be at the mercy of whoever it is whose territory you infringe upon.”

No matter what the consequences might be, Billie Joe glared at this arrogant vampire who dared to try to order him around, crossing his arms. “I won’t feed.”

Drake sat up straight again, a grin on his face that Billie Joe knew would bode no good for him. “I think you have quite a bit of potential, actually. But there is no way to know unless you let your vampire self free. So…” In a flash, Drake was suddenly holding Billie Joe up in the air by the throat with apparent ease. Billie struggled, pulling at Drake’s unmoving arm in vain. “I’ll just help you along with that. Then you’ll see the truth of things.” He paused and his pupils turned white. Billie Joe couldn’t tear his eyes away from Drake’s. He froze as his mind went blank. “Embrace your vampire self and go hunt until you’re satisfied,” Drake commanded before releasing his hold on Billie Joe. Billie landed on his feet before turning around and walking out of the dark warehouse, a hungry look on his face.

* * *

His fangs pierced the flesh of another person’s neck with more force than was necessary. The last one had not been enough to satisfy his intense thirst, so he continued to hunt, ferociously sucking down blood. As the blood flowed into his mouth, he felt stronger and stronger. He had no idea why he had been so against it before. This moment with his fangs sunk into a human’s tender flesh and their life was slowly being drained away by him was pure bliss. This blood was why he existed, why he lived. No end to his thirst was in sight and the means by which it was quenched was plentiful and as helpless as a herd of sheep, he the wolf among them. And so he continued to drink.

After dining on a resident of the city, he had decided to move on to a quieter area and had run until he came upon a suburban neighborhood. He had been lucky in finding a woman who looked to be in her twenties just getting home and was now drinking her blood, standing next to a tree in the shadows.

Just as he was finishing her off, he suddenly felt something extremely painful pierce his hand. It reminded him of the pain he had felt because of the rope Selena had used when she had attacked him. Looking down, he saw what appeared to be silver knife pinning his hand to the tree. He dropped the already drained body before wrenching his hand free of the knife, his blood spurting everywhere only briefly with a flare of pain before it healed. As he spun around, he saw that it was indeed Selena who was attacking him. He sprang towards her, snarling. There was a look of surprise on her face as he grabbed her by the throat, slowly squeezing it tighter and tighter…

And then the words that had been trying all night to surface and make themselves known in his mind broke out. ‘I believe in you, Dad.’

Immediately, Billie Joe dropped Selena to the ground, a blank look on his face. Numbly, he wandered down the street a ways, swaying unsteadily as he walked. And then he collapsed and fell asleep instantly.