‹ Prequel: The Blank Book


After defeating Lord Veldenbarr, the members of Green Day went back to the Other World again. They haven't been able to go back to Surtomb since and everything in their world went back to normal. After a few months, they nearly forgot about Surtomb, thinking only of it as a distant memory or dream. One fateful day, though, in September, they are brought back to Surtomb to help out a mysterious girl with a bad past.
  1. Introduction
    This kinda sets the mood for the beginning of the story.
  2. Angel
    Green Day meet Angel, Veldenbarr's daughter who is, well, an angel.
  3. Angel's Story
    Angel tells her story and gives Mike something...
  4. Hide-and-go-grr
    Angel gets impatient and decides to play a game with them.
  5. Fight
    Billie Joe, Mike, and Tre fight the grizzlies.
  6. Going Back Home
    The boys go back home.
  7. I Know A Song...
    Tre has some fun.
  8. Busted
    Billie Joe goes home.