‹ Prequel: The Blank Book



Angel watched as the sun rose above the trees, casting pinkish light across the landscape. Then she turned her attention towards the three men who made up the band called Green Day.

'Aww, they look so cute when they're sleeping,' she thought. 'I wonder if they'll still look cute when I wake them up and they find out it's only like 6 in the morning?' Her guess was no.

To test her hypothesis, she took to the air and hovered over Billie who was sleeping in between Mike and Tré. Calculating things first, she folded in her wings and plummeted to Earth, directly towards Billie. As she got near, his eyes snapped open because of the wind she was making. He looked up at her, scared. At the last moment, she opened her wings again and stopped an inch away from Billie's face.

"Holy crap! You scared the fuck out of me!" he breathed. "For a second there, I thought you were gonna really hit me." He took a deep breath to stop himself from shaking. "Never do that again."

"I won't," Angel said innocently. A little too innocently...

By this time, Mike and Tré were both up, thanks to Billie's shouting.

"What's with all the shouting?" Mike asked. "You'd think you were about to be killed."

"I was," Billie muttered.

"Wakey wakey, boys, it's time to get up," Angel grinned.

Mike tiredly rubbed his eyes before yawning, "But it's so early."

"Suck it up," Angel told him. "The sooner we get this done, the sooner you get to go back home."

"Fine, fine, fine," Mike mumbled. He got up and stretched, continuing his yawning. Meanwhile, Tré sprung up, looking like he had just drunk ten cups of coffee.

"Why are you so hyper?" Billie muttered, glaring at Tré.

"Because," Tré replied.


"Because I am!"

"Wow. That explained soo much," Billie said sarcastically, rolling his eyes. He picked up his sleeping bag and tossed it to Tré. "Here, change it back." Tré did so before transforming the other two too.

When they looked around, they realized that something was missing: Angel. She was nowhere in sight and hadn't made a sound leaving.

Billie voiced their thoughts, "Where'd she go?"

"I dunno," Tré answered. Then he transformed into a black leopard. "Man, I've been waiting so long to be able to do this again."

Billie then changed into his demon form, and Mike let his feathery wings out. This time they looked a bit grayish and droopy. Mike noticed this and was puzzled.

"Maybe they're like mood indicators!" Tré said.

"Yeah right," Mike replied.

"Well, I think if they're white and stuff, maybe a little golden, you're happy or content; if they're gray and droopy, you're tired or sad; if they turn reddish, you're mad; pink, in love; light blue, peaceful; and black if you're extremely depressed or evil!"

"Yeah...no," Mike said slowly.

"You don't even believe in your own powers," Tré scoffed in a stuck up voice.

"Tré, it's not a power," Billie told him, "it's just his feathers are a little gray right now."

Tré flicked his tail in annoyance that no one believe him. He was actually quite sure he was right. Why wouldn't he be? It was pretty cool. He bet Angel would tell them that he was right. But first there was the matter of finding her.

"Hey, you guys, there's some footprints here." Billie pointed to some blank ground. There was nothing special about it.

"Are you sure you haven't gone a little crazy?" Tré asked him, eyeing him weirdly.

"No, I'm not! You are! The footprints are right there!"

There still was nothing that Mike or Tré could see.

"Yep, you're crazy," Tré declared.

"Mike, you can see them, right?" Billie asked, hoping he would say yes.

"No," Mike replied. "But show us where they go; maybe it's like a test where we all have to use our powers to find her."

"They go...this way." Billie pointed and walked, following the footprints only he could see.

They went into the forest for a short ways. They ended at a thorn bush with a bird in it that was wounded and chirping pathetically. Mike reached into the bush and picked it up. The thorns shredded some of the skin on his lower arms and wrists, causing him to bleed a little, but he ignored it.

Mike stroked the bird gently, whispering softly to it. A change overcame it. It stopped chirping, and its wounds healed completely along with Mike's. Then it disappeared, leaving behind a single white feather—even thought it had been a cardinal—that was too big for it to have come from the bird. It was one of Angel's feathers.

"We're getting closer," Billie stated.

Tré spotted that there was a trail of white feathers similar to the one Mike held in his hand. He started to follow them with Mike and Billie in tow. The trail ended in a small clearing of sorts. All it had in it was a message written in feathers.

"'I got tired of waiting for you, so I've decided to make things more fun by hiding. Now you have to find me before you can go back home. Good luck, and say hi to my furry friends for me if you wouldn't mind. P.S. Please try not to kill them; knocking them out will do just fine.'" Billie read out loud. "'Furry friends'? What does she mean by that?"

His question was answered when they heard some rusting from all sides. Three full-grown grizzly bears popped out of the trees and were now charging towards them.