‹ Prequel: The Blank Book



Billie grabbed the bear that was charging him by its ears that were flat against its head. His skin changed to the bright red that he had almost forgotten about. The bear was surprisingly strong, stronger than Billie would’ve thought. Bellowing, the bear shook its head free from Billie’s grip and bit him on his hand, making him shout out in pain, cursing as blood started to come out of the broken skin.

Tré had transformed into a grizzly bear and wrestled with the one that was coming after him. He was surprised when he found himself underneath the bear, trying to keep it from biting his neck. Seeing that he wasn’t going to get anywhere staying a grizzly, he changed into a rattlesnake and slithered out from under the startled bear. He then changed into a wolverine, snarling at the bear. It turned to face him and attacked again.

This time Tré knew how strong the bear really was and jumped up, meeting the bear and clamping onto its neck with his teeth, trying to apply as much pressure as possible. The bear reared and reached up with its paws, swatting at him before there was a cracking sound and it crumpled, bawling. Tré transformed back into a grizzly, swiping at the bear’s face, knocking it out. Once its eyes closed, it disappeared.

Triumphantly, Tré transformed back to normal, grinning. He saw Billie struggling with his bear and smirked to himself.

“What’s the problem, Bill, can’t knock out a little bear?” Tré mocked. “I’ve already took care of mine.”

Billie grunted as he blocked a blow to his face with his arm, retreating a few feet away from the monstrous grizzly. One thing he knew for sure was that this was no ordinary grizzly. He didn’t know how Tré could’ve beaten his before him.

“You’re so weak you can’t take a wittle teddy beaw,” Tré continued. To add to this comment, he transformed into a cute teddy bear and mimicked the attacking bear.

Billie felt himself getting angry, but tried not to get outraged, thinking that that’s exactly what Tré wanted him to do, to make him mess up due to his sloppy behavior. He succeeded at first, but when the grizzly scratched his face and he recoiled in pain, Tré started prancing around the two, even daring to poke the ferocious bear. It paid no attention to Tré, not even taking notice of him. Its sole focus was Billie Joe. That was the final straw for Billie.

His skin glowed brighter than usual and with a sudden surge of strength that was even greater than his normal demon strength, he punched the bear, knocking it out and a few yards away. Billie Joe suddenly returned to his normal human form, staggering over to a tree, hardly paying attention to the bear which disappeared now. He leaned against it for support for a few seconds before his strength returned.

Tré stared at Billie. “Remind me to never get mad at you,” he said. He had a feeling that what had just happened was just a small example of what could happen if Billie Joe got pissed off enough.

There was a grunt and the two turned to see Mike still fighting with his bear. He was spinning around and hitting the bear hard with his wings. There were already a few scratches on them before the bear swiped and struck his wings, causing them to bleed more.

Tré transformed into a wolverine again, way smaller than the bear, but just as deadly. He snarled as he ran over to lend Mike a hand. As he tried to tackle the bear, he felt nothing where it should be. He turned back around and tried to lunge again, but the same happened. Only Mike could attack the bear. The other two were forced to wait and watch.

Mike attempted to take off so he could get an aerial attempt in, but that just proved to be a major mistake. The bear lunged and pinned him underneath it. Mike gasped in pain as his skin was scratched by the bear’s claws and his breathing grew quick and shallow. Blood stained his shirt and pants, paining Billie and Tré to watch.

As the bear was preparing for the final strike, Mike saw that if he didn’t somehow get the bear off of him now, he would be killed. He thought of how his friends had seen him die, or at least his vampire self, and how they had been so hurt. He couldn’t let that happen, they didn’t deserve that. He closed his eyes before opening them again, this time glowing with a bright light.

The bear flew off of him and banged up against a tree as both Billie and Tré tensed themselves to try to stand their ground against an unseen force emanating from Mike who now floated in the air, flapping his wings to stay stable. He was glowing so bright that it burned his friends’ eyes to look at him. Then he fell, eyes closed and unconscious from the strain. He no longer had any wounds and there was no blood or anything on his clothes.

“Whoah,” Tré and Billie said in unison.