The Rescue

One day Billie Joe wakes up to find that Adrienne is missing. In order to rescue her, he must go to another world, bringing Mike and Tre along, and he must go up against the mysterious Evil. The three learn sword-fighting, magic, and archery in order to help them get to it, but slowly Billie finds himself forgetting things about Adie.
  1. Kidnapped
    Billie wakes up to find Adie kidnapped.
  2. Organizing and Preparing
    Billie gets everything ready to go and rescue Adie.
  3. Sinking into Shadows
    Mike and Tre come over and they all sink into the darkness...
  4. Welcome to Ceseiph
    Green Day find themselves in another world called Ceseiph in a wild-looking village.
  5. Billie in the Dark
    Billie has a dream and wakes up and starts trying to kill Tre for some unknown reason.
  6. Billie's Explanation
    Billie explains himself to Mike and Tre and then they go to see Saydu.
  7. Tre+Arlen
    Green Day get a few more things explained to them and get paired up for learning combat.
  8. Someody Likes Billie...
    Tre gets Buttercups the evil pony as his stead and we meet Kara who has a thing for Billie.
  9. Horse Riding Lesson #1
    The guys of Green Day get their first horse riding lesson.
  10. An Archery Lesson
    Mike has his first archery lesson.