The Rescue

An Archery Lesson

After eating a simple meal of bread and meat, the members of Green Day went off to the places they were supposed to go to where they would learn their form of combat. Their teachers were already there and waiting. Mike was going to an open field surrounded by trees to meet Michael, Tré was going to some building called the Mage’s Study to meet Arlen, and Billie Joe was going to a small clearing next to the forest to meet Glayn. They separated and went their different ways without saying a word. For some reason Billie was strangely quiet and lately he seemed to always be moody and deep in thought. It worried Mike and Tré.

Mike wondered whether he should confront Billie about it later as he walked through the village. He passed a few a few people on his way, and they stared at him, some trying to hide it while others not bothering and just staring openly. Normally he was used to it, but that was when people were staring because he was in a famous rock band. The people here, though, stared because he was from another world and here to try to help save them.

It was somewhat of a relief when he left the village behind and saw some trees in the near distance. He assumed that that was where the field was, so he headed towards them. It was a beautiful day being bright and sunny with a slight breeze. Mike hoped that Billie would at least get cheered up a bit by the weather.

Mike walked in between the trees and found himself in a field that was entirely ringed around by trees. He spotted Michael, his long, blonde hair shining in the sun and tied back in a pony tail. Michael had a longbow in one hand and a quiver full of arrows was strapped across his back. Another bow and quiver of arrows was next to him on the ground. He stared at Mike with his deep blue eyes, watching him make his way towards him.

When Mike reached him, Michael said, “Today I’ll be teaching you how to shoot with a bow and arrow. Hopefully by supper, you will be able to get a bull’s eye on that target over there.” He pointed to a round haystack with red, yellow, black, blue, and white rings painted onto it. It was about thirty yards away. “Now pick up that leather gear and put it on. It’ll protect you from the bowstring.”

Mike did as he was told, putting something that resembled a half-glove on his right hand and some leather strips on his left arm, copying how Michael had them on.

“Good, now pick up your bow and bowstring,” Michael instructed.

Mike did that and then Michael showed him how to string it. Michael explained that bows were unstrung when not in use to prevent damage to it from shrinking bowstrings and to prevent “memory” in the wood. Then Mike was told to pick up his quiver of arrows and put them on. He noticed that their feathers had red, black, and green rings on them. Now it was time to learn how to shoot them. He reached back and grabbed an arrow, awaiting instruction.

“Now hold your bow out like a table...” Michael began.