Two Hearts to Make a Maniac

Chapter Twelve

"Wakey wakey! Eggs and Bakey!"

"I had bacon, and eggs." I grunted turning away from the nagging voice.

Hot breath blew against my ear. "Do you remember what happened last time you didn't get up when I said to?" The venomous voice of the Joker hissed into my ear. I could just see him, his eyes looking off innocently while his mouth was twitching in a sadistic grin.

"Yeah, you stuck a fucking knife in my cheek. But hell! Your gonna kill me anyways." I muttered, still turned from him as I laid on the couch.

Suddenly he let out squeal of laughter. "Now why would I do that?" He cackled.

I flipped over and looked at incredulously. "Because, you said that you would! You fucking announced it to the whole city! You just let me stick around so you could fucking mess with my head!" I screamed jumping up to meet the sadistic clown.

A smirk curled at his lips. God was I in trouble. I tried to jump away. That was useless. I tried to run. Again, useless. Punching and kicking. Useless but relieved stress.

Laughing, the Joker slammed me against the wall. Holding my cheek to it and locking my arm behind. He laughed as I struggled relentlessly beneath him. "You know, your just like a dog. Again and again the owner tells 'ya not to do something but you go ahead and do it! Now, you see, I like that about you. You just can't control yourself!" He giggled, sounding on the verge of hysteria. Perfect, just fucking perfect. "See I'm the same! Two of the same!" I began to struggle harder, maybe we were the same, but that didn't matter. "See, we both like to watch the world burn. Especially watching the people in that world scream for their little lives!" Slowly I stopped wiggling, I did like that. "Now, do you want to watch this city burn?"

Clenching my teeth, I nodded the best I could being smushed up against the wall. "Yes."

"Good girl, now lets go." Without a second word he yanked me away from the wall and dragged me towards the garage. "We're going to go for a ride."

I groaned and lolled my head back. "I thought you said you weren't going to kill me?" I mumbled plodding after him.

"Ah my Little Leal is back!" He squealed turning around and squeezing my nose. Ah, getting crazier day by day.

I jumped in the back of the van, sitting sideways in my seat. Skeeter sat up front with the Joker, Harley and Jack sat in the middle seats, and I sat in the back. I don't know where Boomer is but I didn't really care too much. Jamming the key into the ignition the Joker made the engine roar to life.

"Zoom!" He screeched ripping out of the garage. I clung to the seat as normal, my eyes bugging out. You could shove a blood-soaked, gut-spewing, and half-dead person in front of me, but would I be scared? Pfft, no! Put me in a car with Bobo the clown gone bonkers and I'll freaking scream my ass off.

Some would think: "You enjoy killing, blood, and what not yet your afraid of riding in a car?". Well obviously, people who think this need to see him drive. It's beyond fucking scaring!

When we stopped, I flew from my seat onto the ground. Jumping out after Harley, I jabbed a finger towards Joker. "You, good sir, desperately need driving lessons!" I proclaimed bugging out my eyes.

Harley shook her head and giggled, as the Joker smiled. Stalking forwards he grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me along with him. Our surroundings consisted of abandoned buildings and birds.

"Come on Ebby lets go get our next little victim!" He giggled his lips curling into a vicious grin.

Looking back, I noticed no one else was following us. This confused me greatly. Why weren't they coming, what was he- did he just call me Ebby? Why the hell did he call me that? It makes me sound four.

I was about to snap at him but I came to a halt when I saw three persons in front of us. These three persons happen to be teenage boys. I hate teenagers. They were all around fourteen or so. God that made me hate them more. Teenagers were cocky, stupid, and couldn't back up what they said. Hate, complete and utter disdain is what I immediately saw them.

"Them? Anyone of them?" I asked pointing to them. By now they had noticed us, but being the cocky little bastards they were stuck around puffing out their chests. The Joker nodded, his smirk widening. "Good, I hate teenagers. A lot."

Letting out a laugh, the Joker started walking towards the group. Once they realized he had clown make-up on they started cracking up. "Why hello boys!" He exclaimed grinning.

"What do you want, freak?" One snarled, and to make it worse, he was wearing a dew rag. This, skinny little white boy is trying to be gangster. Ah, times haven't changed. I scoffed, and crossed my arms pursing my lips. Not that they could see though, remember? I've got a mask. "What?" He snapped turning his attention to me.

I rolled my eyes and turned to the Joker. "Can I?" I asked. My fingers twitched to wrap around this kid's neck. Joker shrugged and I took that as a 'fine my me'. Immediately, I strode toward the boy then leaned down so I could whisper into his ear. "You know, I use to know a kid like you." I began letting menace become laced in my tone. "He thought he was cool and such. And you know what? He hated my guts. I was…a little on the off side. Apparently, a little too quiet but when I did talk he didn't care for what I said. He just thought I was a little freak! Now I'm sure you feel like that towards someone you know? Don't you?" The boy nodded, beginning to tremble. The others had long gone, and I could see why. Joker had pulled out a knife and was playing with it carelessly. "Well you see, one day, my boy got a little aggressive." I leaned back and walked around him until I stood behind him then leaned back down. "I had had some, problems at home that morning and he was just pushing all my buttons. Then after talking crap to me, I fight back. Just a simple little come back, and 'ya know what? He hits me!" I laugh wrapping my arms around his shoulders. "Well as unexpected as it is, I go crazy! I kick and punch his little puny ass up and down the school courtyard. Now, he's on the brink of death and I'm still raring to go! But sadly I'm pulled away and he's taken to the hospital. Me, well, I'm sent to a mental institute for some time." The whole time I speak, the Joker stares with narrowed eyes at me, seemingly interested in the story. "So, as you can tell, I don't really like you. Now, I want you to promise me you wont be like my boy? Mkay?" I asked digging my fingers into his shoulder.

"Y-yes." He answered shakily.

I sighed and stood up straight walking past him and pointed towards the gun that protruded from the Joker's belt. He handed to be, grinning. "You know, it's just to darn bad people can't change that easily!" Turning around I held the gun level with the boy's head. Fear filled his eyes as he let out a scream and turn to ran. The scream was like music to my ears. I quickly shot him in the knee, sending him toppling to the ground screaming in pain. Practically skipping to him, I aimed the gun at his stomach, shooting it several times. He let out another scream and held his stomach. "Well, I guess I should put you out of your misery, a chance my boy never got." Sighing, I shot him twice in the head.

Turning away from the dead body I walked towards the Joker smiling nostalgically. I shoved the gun at him and walked past him. Though, I didn't get far. It must be something that men do often. Just stop people while they're walking.

"What no thank you kiss?" He asked licking his bottom lip resulting in a smacking noise.

My face contorted strangely. A kiss? I looked at his face expecting to see him grinning mischievously, but he had his eyebrows raised in an expectant manner. Jesus, this man was so confusing. One minute he'd be crazy and sadistic then he'd be like a child the next.

Setting my face back to a solemn look I shook my head. "That's not in my job description." I pushed past his arm, frowning. He wasn't going to get to me. I was already a little screwed up but I could think clearly and I didn't plan on becoming completely like Bonkers.
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