Two Hearts to Make a Maniac

Chapter Fourteen

[[Third Person POV]]

Rebecca laid on the kitchen table, shirtless, gripping it's edges as the Joker tried to dig the small daggers out of her side. He'd spent half an hour trying to pick out the ten small daggers. At least two had shattered, making his job of taking them out with tweezers extremely difficult.

When the group first came home Harley had insisted being by her side, and the Jokers, while Rebecca was injured. He had sent everyone away. The blood had started to clot, so very little was leaking onto the table as he pulled the fifth dagger, or the last bit of the second shattered one. He sighed and rubbed his temple and looked up at Rebecca. Small tear trails were evident on her pale skin. Her eyes were clamed shut and her breathing was labored. The Joker couldn't tell if she was asleep or not. He felt so tempted just to touch he r. Her hair, her skin. She was pretty, not beautiful, but just pretty. He liked that. Not some beautiful, stuck-up, high classed pig. And she was vicious. A killer with no regret, but still so innocent. He loved how she changed. She was fun to be around. To have in the group, but he did not know how long her role would last.

"Boss," Skeeter grunted coming into the kitchen, "we can't use her. Why don't we just kill her off."

Shooting up from his chair, the Joker swung around slamming Skeeter into the wall, gripping his neck. "No!" He roared angrily. Roughly shoving him away, the Joker pointed towards the door. "Leave!" Without another word Skeeter scampered away. He turned around tiredly, then his face dropped slightly.

Rebecca was sitting up on the table digging into her side. Her head was lolled back, her teeth gritting together as she pulled out a dagger. He watched silently as she pulled the rest out. Rebecca slid off the table and put on her shirt, wincing all the way, before limping past Joker. She stopped at his side breathing heavily. "Sorry about the blood." She grunted before moving away from the grinning man.

[[Rebecca's POV]]

The pain in my side had numbed slightly as I waited for Harley to start my bath. I had limped to her room, covered in blood. Without a second thought she offered to make me a bath and get me new clothes. I agreed, but I was angry. My shirt and my jacket were ripped all along the right side.

I was actually pretty surprised the Joker had tried to take out the daggers. That man was just so confusing. I'm guessing what we'd done tonight was all part of the game, and I did get to shoot someone. That made me smile. It was even the secretary from the asylum.

"Ebby, your bath is ready." Harley called.

Ebby. I guess that's my name now.

I pushed myself off of her bed and walked towards the bathroom. Several times Harley insisted on helping me but I swatted her away and just told her to get me some clothes. I smiled weakly as she handed me the clothes and I closed the door. Slowly, I took off my clothes and eased into the shower. I cleaned the wounds carefully and washed the rest of my body. The warm water felt wonderful against my skin, but I had to get out.

Looking through the medicine cabinet I was surprised to find bandages and ointment. I dressed my wounds then slipped on the new clothes Harley gave me. They were simple. Jeans, black shirt, and a red and white jacket. I breathed heavily as I walked through the halls. Then Jack came out.

I froze on the spot, not entirely sure what to do. Staring at him blankly, I gave him a curt nod. I've always had a feeling for things, and I knew that Jack wasn't just going to leave me alone. I quickly walked past him towards the Joker's room.

Standing in front of his door, I hesitated to knock but did so anyways. It took at least a minute for him to come to the door. He stood there, staring expectantly down at me as usual. His eyes blinked lazily as he smacked his lips.

"Yes?" He grunted crossing his arms.

I stood awkwardly rubbing my arms. "I-er just wanted to say thanks, Boss. And sorry too." I muttered.

A smirk pulled at his scarred lips. He leaned down slightly so his head with level with mine. "Just don't get in trouble again, I might not feel as generous next time."

I nodded quickly and walked off quickly, though not quickly enough because I could still hear him giggle. I kept walking though the halls for a while, not really caring where I ended up. Sighing, I pushed back my bangs and slumped against a wall.

"Boo." A voice whispered.

I tried to turn around and see who the voice belonged to but something hit the back of my head, knocking me unconscious. Great.
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I'm sorry this one was a little short but I just didn't feel like making this chapter longer. I wont be making another chapter till tomorrow or late tonight. Tonight I'm going to see Dark Knight again, so my writing will be a bit more Joker-ey after I see the movie again. So I hope you enjoyed this chapter.